L3200HST or L4240HSTC - Which turns sharper?


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L4240HSTC with FEL, Ford 1210
Jan 19, 2013
Near Lancaster, PA, USA
Although one wouldn't think so, the L4240. I was using it to mow on Monday night and it seemed to turn tighter circles around stuff and was a lot more nimble than expected. The other pleasant surprise is the R4 tires didn't print as much as the R4's on the L3200 or the R1's on the Ford 1210. The tracks that cross in front of the L3200 are from the L3200, and the tracks between the two tractors are from the L4240.

I did a quick test. Parked both tractors and stuck a driveway marker tight against each driver's side rear tire. Hopped in each one and with the steering wheel at hard left, drove in a half circle. When I measured from the driveway marker to the tires on the tractors the distance for the L3200 was 98" and the L4240 was 71".

Wifey recently reminded me that selling the L3200 was part of the deal when we got the L4240. The RFM in the second picture that was meant to be paired up with the L4240 still needs some work:) The 6 footer that's now on the L4240 will be sold along with the L3200 so the RFM refurb is turning into a hot item.



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Oct 15, 2015
Mid, South, USA
That's one of the many things that makes the GRAND L.....well "grand".

They call it that for a reason. It's a different tractor than the standard L's (2800/3200/2501/3901/etc).