Kubota MX5400 cab Back Window Rock Protector Source, Recommendations & Best Prices


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Did it - brush cutter broke out my cab's back window with a thrown rock. (bound to happen in the north-central Arkansas Ozarks - rocks are our most experienced "crop".)

I need source(s), recommendations, and best-delivered costs for a removable protector (expanded/perforated metal or polycarbonate protector.

Kubota glass isn't cheap!


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May 12, 2020
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They manufacture many polycarbonate panels for construction equipment and tractors, I have purchased a front safety panel for my Kubota track loader as I use heavy front cutters and forestry mulcher, parts flying everywhere!

I see they have many kubota M tractor series panels, don’t know about MX. Worse case I would make a plywood template and send it to them to cut a panel. Their prices were fair when I was looking for the panel for my track loader. They also offer a range of material thicknesses.

Good luck in your search.

Elliott in GA

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Mar 10, 2021
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It may not be enough for your concerns, but auto security film makes glass many times more resistant to impact. Any good auto tint shop should be able to apply it (for less money?), and you do not have to install/remove it - it is always there. In the video, it takes multiple hits from the jack handle to finally crack/shatter the thin car window glass.