Kubota GR1600 II tow bracket


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GR1600 II
May 4, 2021
Hi Guys,
I recently purchased a Kubota GR1600II lawn tractor but unfortunately the tow bracket was missing. It seems that it is no longer possible to purchase this plate from anwhere. I contacted the Kubota dealer (I am based in Germany) but no luck. I even have the old part number I think W24TS00494 (might be an old number) but it is no longer listed.
I can make one myself, quite a simple part, but unfortunately the tractor is located somewhere else and do not have the thickness of the required plate. Could someone that has one measure it up and let me know the plate thickness, width etc? A photo from dead above next to a ruler would help.
Then I can make one here in my workshop and take it over with me when I fly over to the tractor!

Thank you in advance