Kubota B6000



Nov 21, 2021
Yarker Ontario Canada
Hi all I've posted here before regarding this unit and still learning all it's foibles. I'm learning that mine is what's referred to as a grey tractor. The emblems on the transmission indicating the gears etc are in japaneese so...
It came with a small FEL and Backhoe on it, albeit not sure if these attachments are true Kubota but they work for me.
Recently while moving some dirt with the FEL and digging into the pile in 4WD I felt like something give and then my 4WD now isn't working. It wasn't a snap or anything just like something let go.
As far as I can tell the PTO shaft from the rear to the front is still connected via the gears as can only turn it a bit each way when machine is shut off and still have 4WD lever engaged. I just would like to know maybe where to star looking and or what may have let go? Would there be a key-way/shear pin in front transfer case that may have sheared off, and might it be a relatively easy fix?
Suggestions and info will be of great help.
Thanks in advance.