kobota b6000 tiller


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kobota b6000
Feb 17, 2009
chilliwack bc canada
I have a 36 inch tiller for my kobota b6000,i can't seem to get it to turn and i don't want to hook it up to my kobota yet.is there a speacial way of getting it to turn.it has been sitting a long time.thanks dave


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Feb 17, 2009
Flyover Country
Dave, nearly all tillers are chain drive.

There's an oval cover or plate on one side of the machine, where the chain hides.
There is often a sight glass for oil level on it.
If you disconnect the chain, usually by removing a drive sprocket, you can then determine if the gearbox is locked, or the tiller side bearings are seized.
It may well be that the chain itself is the problem, from lack of lubrication.

Just a thought, make sure the tiller tines aren't stuck in the soil or something wedged back under the tines and frame...the back usually swivels up to regulate the amount of soil pulverization,and mine sometimes hangs up on a tine.