I bought a new bx1880


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Mar 12, 2023
I bought a new bx1880 with quick attach FEL, 54” mid mount mower, snow blade for the loader, and grass catcher. It’ll primarily be used for mid mount mowing.

does Kubota or land pride make a 3 pt. Snowblower? The tractor only has like 13.6 pto horsepower.
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Jul 17, 2017
Google says yes: https://www.landpride.com/products/130/sb10 series snow blowers
It says it'll go on an 1880 (in the specs). It's minimum HP though for the smallest unit, which is 54 inch. But my understanding is that how much HP you have really controls how fast you can go, not whether or not it works - if you go slow that'll be fine.

You can probably run any 3pt snowblower though, you don't need a dedicated Kubota unit. There may be smaller units that are more suitable from other manufacturers.

You could drive this forum crazy by putting a green one on. They have a 48 inch that only requires a 16hp machine. https://www.deere.com/en/attachment...tachments-accessories/snow-removal-equipment/ Probably not very cheap though. :)

Google also shows me this Woodmaxx 48 inch. It thinks it needs 15 PTO HP. https://www.woodmaxx.com/product/woodmaxx-sb-48/

Some people really like the rear pull style - so you can drive forwards instead of looking behind you permanently. Means you drive over the snow first, but for small falls that may be fine. This one is too big for you, but gives you the idea. https://erskineattachments.com/products/3-point-pto-rear-pull-snowblower/ Other people reckon that you just get a big mirror so you can drive backwards without permanently ruining your neck.

These guys have a 48 inch that looks relatively inexpensive. https://www.orchardhillsales.net/in...compact-compact-belchertown-ma-01007-2224675i

Probably all comes down to what's in stock at a dealer near you.
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