Grey Market L2000 - Mechanics special

Shell Shocked

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L4701 - L2501 - L2000
May 18, 2015
West TN, U S A
Older model L2000 for sale. Based on serial numbers I am guessing 1972 - 1978. This would be a project tractor or parts. I am not a tractor guy and will list the good and the bad. Ran fine until a friend used it. He couldn't get it restarted. I think he turned off the drain cock to the diesel tank and emptied the fuel delivery system trying to get it started. Now I cant start it after doing what little I know to bleed the system.
  • 2nd/6th gear is stripped - all others run fine
  • blow by - seems to be a lot of oil coming out of small tube when running and idled.
  • Metal and seat are in rough shape

  • Glow plug comes on
  • Turns over
  • ran fine sounded good when running
  • High low transmission shifts as it should
  • used primarily for 4 foot bush hog
  • PTO in Excellent working condition
  • 3 pt hydraulic lift works as it should
  • New Alternator
  • Newer Starter
  • Decent front wheel tires
  • Brand new rear tire installed
  • Brand new rear tire in hand waiting for dry rotted one to give up
I don't want to sink money into it and would rather invest in a newer toy.

$1,200 located in West TN.