Grapple for Woods loader on B7100


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Kubota B7100 Woods 145 Loader, Landscape rake, post Hole digger, Dragger Blade,
May 3, 2021
Fork, Md
I have a B7100, [original owner- it just won't die] with a Wood DuAl 145 loader. I'm really liking the 48" Wicked Root Rake Grapple but it appears to be specifically built for the BX pin on configuration for LA203, LA210, LA211, LA240, LA243, LA340, LA344 so hence my problem.
The reason I like this grapple is configuration and especially the light weight [154 lbs]

I'm wondering how I can adapt this. Either with a adaption of the Kubota Quick mount or a lighter duty skid steer quick mount. One of my best buddy is an experienced machinist and another is a welder so brackets are probably not a problem.

Just wondered if anyone has crossed this bridge before.