Fuel Transfer Tank Build (from old compressor tank)


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May 4, 2018
My 30 gal Craptsman compressor motor crapped out at 5 years old so i replaced the motor but only a few years later the bottom developed a leak so I took it out of service and got a new compressor. I kept the tank for a project i had in mind.

I stuck a pressure washer inside to get rid of the scale at the bottom of the tank and welded up the leak. I drained the tank regularly but not regularly enough i guess.

Added some legs from scrap metal kicking around so it could be set on its side.

I Then welded in some 2" bungs on top. I welded up the factory bungs and installed a pair of 90 degree elbows and a piece of clear fuel line to act as a fuel level gauge.

I added a lift point for pulling it off the truck and leaving it somewhere when its filled.

The hand Crank pump and filter is a kit i got off Amazon.

I have about $180 into it. With my Tractor and Mini Excavator, 5 gallon containers where getting old.

fuel tank 2.jpg
fuel tank 2.jpg

fuel tank1.jpg
fuel tank1.jpg
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Nov 8, 2015
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That looks sweet. I needed fuel today, and pouring it into the tractor from a 5 gallon plastic tank caused me to spill it. Mine is particularly difficult because of the cab. I bought a 165 gallon Roth tank and have yet to set it up outside the garage. Once it is set up, I will plumb it into my farm fuel dispensing pump. I keep looking at the fuel prices climb, and my delay is costing me money. Hopefully, once the pipe line is fully back online, the prices for fuel will start to fall again. When I had my inground tank, I would watch the futures market and when I saw prices dropping, and then start going up again, I will fill my inground tank. Since I switched to Propane, no need for the inground tank, and I had it removed.


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Apr 3, 2021
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That’s sweet motion. I have the same old craftsman compressor tank. I’d love to do that but don’t have the welding skills for it.


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Nov 30, 2017
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Great idea for a lifting point.

Love the sight glass...well protected! (y)