For Sale - Land Pride LR0560 Rake


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Kubota BX2370, 60" Mid-Mount Mower, GCK60-23BX Grass Catcher, B2750D Snow Blower
May 13, 2021
Lower Hudson Valley, NY
I am selling a Land Pride LR0560 Rake in very good condition that I am selling for $600.00. I don't have a need for it, has seen very little use and is just taking up space.

I am willing to trade for the following as long as they're in good condition:

A Land Pride RB1572 or RB1584 foot rear mount blade or equivalent.
A Land Pride 3 point quick hitch or equivalent.
A nice front grill guard for a BX2370 tractor and some cash

PM me if you're interested.


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