First impression mowing with the L4240


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L4240HSTC with FEL, Ford 1210
Jan 19, 2013
Near Lancaster, PA, USA
Both of the Kubotas still had their winter attachments on so I started mowing with the 60" RFM on the little Ford. After doing the neighbor's place and starting on mine, the sun was setting and the wind was getting pretty uncomfortable. Since the project to refurb the 91" Caroni RFM (for the L4240) wasn't going as fast as the grass was growing, I got the L4240 out, dropped the loader and rear blade, then pulled the 72" Landpride I plan to sell along with the L3200 out of mothballs and hooked her up to the L4240.

Since the maiden voyage would be in the dark, I did a maniac run with the Ford around anything that might want a piece of the L4240's cab, and then stopped for supper. The rear tires are a teensy bit wider than the RFM. Wasn't sure how that would work, but everything went just fine.

the L4240 was more nimble than I expected. There's one tree that I drive around in a circle when I mow and it seemed like I could get closer with the L4240 than I could with the L3200. Now I want to get the two tractors out and do a real measurement for comparison. The 4240 felt more stable on the sidehills and did better in a few places where backing up a hill is necessary. Even though we had rain last night, the tires didn't make tracks.

Love it, and now I'm really wanting to get that wider deck done!



L4240 HSTC &L3000DT
Sep 19, 2013
St.Lawrence Co.NY
I have 1200 hours on my L4240 HSTC,lots of them bush-hogging;been a very good all around tractor.Runs a 8' FEL mounted snow plow in the winter.