Error code PO 101


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Jan 25, 2022
My tractor has the above code which references low air uptake/dirty air filter. I’ve taken the filter off and it’s apparently very clean as I couldn’t even get light dust when blowing air through the filter vanes. I’d like to reset the code but the process isn’t in the manual; does anyone know how I reset the code?


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Oct 6, 2012
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From an earlier post:

I recently bought a new L3560 and it threw engine code P0336 after 10hrs. I googled and came to this site, but could not find specific instruction on how to reset the ECU and clear the code. My dealer gave me the instructions so I wanted to make them available for you all. Please reply with other codes/Info so people that need this info can come across it easier. Thanks for your help! OK The website is not allowing me to upload the actual docs. So here is info. This applies to tractors with the Intellipanel style dash. 1. Press Display mode button and hold 2. Turn Key to On 3. Several modes will appear 4. Press Display Mode until "D" is highlighted 5. Press and hold display mode for more than 2 seconds 6. "Want to clear codes? Hold button for 3s more" Will appear 7. Press and hold Display Mode for 3secs 8."Cleared" will appear 9. Turn key to "off" Then your computer should be reset. Mode "A" is a diagnostic mode and gives information about your temps, rpms and volts going to switches on the unit, kind of neat to look at and could be helpful in the future