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May 19, 2011
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"Time Won't Let Me" gave me a very enjoyable flashback.

Back when I was a youngster working in a production machine shop on 2nd & 3rd shift, I worked with an even younger guy who was an incredibly talented singer/songwriter/comedian.
He would take various popular songs and alter them into parodies, which he would then sing for us in the shop, usually as good or better than the originals.

In this instance, he took "Time Won't Let Me" and made it "She Won't Let Me".
I can't remember the words, but you can imagine how this song lent itself to the new subject matter.

One of the reasons we could never remember the words to his parodies was that we usually laughed so hard our faces ached, or we had tears running down our faces, or both.

His best was probably his parody of the Elvis classic "Suspicious Minds" aka "Caught in a Trap" which he altered into "Takin' a Crap", all about running out of toilet paper.

He also parodied The Beach Boys "I Get Around" into "I Got a Pound", all about having a pound of weed to sell.
One night while singing this one, he was working on a very fragile, very expensive, very accurate part that had several very tight tolerance roundness call outs. If you breathed on it wrong, it went out of tolerance.
Suddenly something went wrong with his job, and the part was ripped out of the machine, and tossed onto the concrete floor, and then a few feet down the aisle.
He went over, picked it up, and without missing a beat, altered the song, and began singing "It's Out of Round".
We all thought we were going to laugh ourselves to death.

I wish he had chosen entertainment as a career, I think he would have been a superstar.

Thanks for posting this skeets, I'm going to be grinning the rest of the evening. :D
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