Cure for water in fuel


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Jun 10, 2016
Muskoka, Ont.
For years I have used a product called the "Water Worm" to protect my home heating oil tank from water contamination and keep it from rusting on the inside. Basically its a 4' long skinny sock on a string with some desiccant beads inside. Any moisture in the tank (eg: from condensation) drops to the bottom, meets the sock and is absorbed by the desiccant. Eventually it puffs up like a stuffed sausage when it's full of water. It can be dried out and reused until the sock itself starts to break down. Works really well.

Early last winter, like so many others before me, I ran into trouble with water in the tractor fuel. Not something I want to repeat if I can avoid it. So I contacted the manufacturer and asked if they had a smaller version of the water worm, suitable for a tractor fuel tank. It's not on their website, but yes, they do indeed have a mini version of the Water Worm.

Well, sometimes. I gather they are really more oriented to industrial customers who order in case lots. I had to wait a few months before they ran off another batch before I could get some. And I had to order them over the phone -- they never put the mini on the website.

But I did get them, and they fit quite nicely in the tank. I tied the string off to one of the tank mounts. There's enough slack in the fuel cap threads that it doesn't interfere. At $20 each (plus postage) they are not cheap, but I would have willingly paid twice that to avoid trying to thaw the lump of ice in the fuel line when it was 20 below zero last December. I don't know if it could help control or limit algae growth associated with water in diesel fuel though.

Anyway, the website is here. The company is called H2O Control and is located in Sudbury, Ontario. I have no affiliation whatsoever, just a satisfied customer. Here's a photo of the Water Worm Mini: