Creek Crossing Maint?


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Feb 20, 2021
How do you all maintain creek crossings on your land?

Implements used and other advice welcomed.
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Apr 27, 2020
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w do you all maintain creek crossings on your land? Implements used and other advice welcomed.
We have three. Not a rock in sight for any of them.

One sand on both sides. Very easy. Just smooth it up with box blade when sand washes in or out if banks start getting steep. If it gets way out of shape, loader bucket is useful.

One is silty clay on both sides and bottom. I suspect the silty clay goes to the center of the earth there. Can’t even walk through it when really wet and that’s the way the bottom is all the time. Box blade keeps it in decent shape. Had to add about 2 yards of busted concrete to get it reasonably stable. May have to add more. Front bucket is useful on that one for adding material as needed and a little back dragging.

Third one is our combo; clay on one side, sand on the other, sand in bottom. Clay is a bit of a PITA but not as bad as the other one because if it’s dry, it’s fine. Again, mainly box blade. Loader for adding rock or scrap masonry to the clay side and for heavy reshaping if necessary.

So, yeah, box blade and front bucket. If I had a backhoe I’m sure that would get used as well but didn’t get the backhoe.


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Sep 14, 2018
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Build a bridge. An old flat bed off of a truck might work as a bridge. Or lay in a culvert. That is if you want to use it year round. If it is just for hay season or something like that you could depending on what part of Ohio you are in lay in some field stones and then some large lime stone. It also depends upon how much water is flowing over the crossing.