Cold Weather Starting Problems


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Apr 2, 2019
There's a BIG difference in what a block heater and a battery tender do !
Block heater, warms up the engine,oil and coolant
Battery tender, trys to keep battery charged
If my BX23S had to stay outside ,it would have both a block heater AND a battery warmer. Kinda obvious how/why a block heater works but people forget that cold batteries lose a LOT of power. You need a GREAT battery to supply LOTS of power to both spin the engine AND heat the glowplugs. batteries work best(supply rated power) at 'normal room temperatures', so +20*C NOT -15*C .I had to add a 2nd battery to the forklift as it used to sit outside all winter. Could take an hour to start below 5*C,get it to 10*C and 1st time, everytime.

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Dec 1, 2020
Bloomington, IN
Block heater highly recommended ASAP. I've got a couple of fields that get so soggy the only time I can do my annual bushhogging of them (without sinking to the axles) is in zero or lower temperature. Last year I couldn't get it started in zero weather - glow plugs were clicking, but it turned out that due to a frayed wiring harness, they weren't actually glowing. Got that fixed and then started OK in cold. So if you're getting the glowplug click, but not starting, maybe there's a problem with the glowplugs.

I'd like this machine to last and since I do better when "warmed up" before working, I had my dealer install a block heater to my 2015 B3350 during my last routine servicing. It's made a BIG difference in starting - I turn it on when 30 degrees or less - much less cranking and a lot smoother at startup. That prompted me to get some better cold weather gear for myself so I'd do better too.


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Dec 31, 2021
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My dealer only sells tractors with block and oil pan heaters installed. Big difference in starting when it's plugged in for an hour or two and those temps.
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Mar 3, 2017
Modern glow plugs become almost white hot in 3-4 seconds, so 10 seconds should be plenty. On machines such as my L4740-3 the computer only keeps them on for a maximum 10 seconds. While they turn on very quickly when power is removed, the decay (cool down) period is much longer. Meaning when power is removed, they will still be throwing some heat. (I had actually removed the glow plugs and bench tested them to witness the response time.)

I'm not certain how your GP circuit and dash display are wired, but they are not always the same circuit. This means the dash may illuminate, but the GP's may not be receiving full power. This happened on my tractor. Once fixed it starts without issue in cold temperatures. (The issue came from a parts error during manufacturing)


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Mar 27, 2014
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I'd call the salesman and remind him of his advise and let him know you wish it was installed.
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Dec 2, 2020
I'd call the salesman and remind him of his advise and let him know you wish it was installed.
Also remind him how cold it is outside so he can get dressed and come show you why it needs the block heater while you stay warm with a cup of coffee. Br. Yup Saturday we had -47 f with wind chills, and every night other than last night been teens and 20s below with wind chill here for a week or so and next 2 weeks dont look any better