Chipper knives sharpened (ALL BRANDS)


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Oct 28, 2018
In as much as I sharpen chipper knives for commercial tree companies and I own a knife grinder, I'm offering to everyone a knife sharpening service. That includes chipper knives from any make of chipper, WoodMaxx, Valby, or any make of residential / homeowner chipper, PTO or engine driven

I also square and refurbish anvils (bed knives). Which need to be ground every time you change out knife sets.

The only exception is drum chipper knives and anvils (where the knives attach to a circular drum instead of a flywheel. Those are ground on a price per unit because they have to be matched within 0.005 clearance to the bed knife (anvil). Those knife sets are ground by special request only (contact me on this forum)

Commercial chipper knives (Asplundh, MorBark, Bandit) and all other commercial/professional chipper knives and anvils are priced per inch of knife @50 cents per inch of cutting edge, drum chippers such as CMC (where the knives must be ground in tolerance are by special request only (contact me on this forum)

Grinding, sharpening constitutes normal wear. Chipper knives and anvils get dull in use. When they get dull it's easy to determine as the chips will get stringy, the machine plugs easily and requires more and more power to chip because the knives are rounded off. Abnormal wear is is running metal or stones through the chipper and putting huge divots in the knives. Knives can only be ground so small and then they are not serviceable. If you have large chunks missing from running foreign objects through your chipper, I suggest buying new knife sets and being more careful with what you chip.

As follows:
Single or double sided knives: $15.00 (per knife)
Anvils (bed knife) squared and ground: $15.00 [per anvil)
Return shipping with each order: $15.00

As an example, if you have 4 knives and one anvil the charge would be:
5 x $15.00 =$75.00 plus $15.00 return shipping for $90.00 USD

Turn around time is typically a week (depending on shop workload and machine availability time) but no longer than 2 weeks. When done, I'll provide return tracking information to your e-mail address so long as you provide one.

I accept personal checks, cash or Pay-Pal but with Pay-Pal, there will be a 3.5% surcharge to cover the transaction fee.

You can send your knife and anvil sets to:
Flipmeisters Specialty Products, LLC
20150 McCarty Road
Deerfield, Michigan 49238

Be sure to include the full remittance as listed above as well as the return shipping cost. Orders without the proper fees included won't be ground until I receive Payment in full.

When shipping dull knives, be sure to wrap them carefully as even dull knives can still cause injury to shipping handlers. Sharpened knives will be returned in a secure shipping container, shipped priority or first class mail (at my discretion).

Non domestic orders (Canada, Mexico and Europe are by special request only as ship cost is based on weight and location.

Finally, all payments must be in USD only.