Chance to buy a Kubota L1-205D


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Feb 26, 2022
New Zealand
Hey guys,

I have a chance to buy a L1-205D Kubota Sunshine, I have limited knowledge on tractors in general but I'm mechanically minded.
the tractor is owned by a friend of my father's and it's at a workshop currently as it put the con rod through the block, now the mechanics as far as i know had a hard time sourcing parts to fix it, they seem to think its a Chinese copy? i have had a look at it and it has a 1462-DI motor it also has 70223 and K2-c stamped on the head and on the block has the number stamped 1.395 followed by (omega symbol) if that helps.

The machine itself is very tidy i believe it has only done 300hrs. The owner has moved on and bought a new machine and has told my father we can have it, if we settle the bill... (which i will find out shortly what the bill is) i am quiet capable and doing the work myself (except obviously specialist machining work if needed) the only thing is i know nothing about kubota tractors, But from what i see it looks an easy fix just parts sourcing and if there is a Chinese model and a Japanese model if the parts are different that is what most concerns me. also where can i find the identification plate ?

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It's not Chinese, it's a 100% Japanese Kubota.
The engine is a Kubota D1402
Parts are not that hard to get here in the USA, I don't know how hard they will be to get in New Zealand.
That is a Grey market tractor, ( tractor that was never meant to leave mainland Japan, so getting any help with parts from a Kubota dealer in the USA is not going to happen.
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Dec 5, 2019
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Having had a grey market tractor myself (mine was running) I understand the price attraction.
If it was free or almost free, I would consider it. Other than that I wouldn't walk away, I would run.


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Mar 17, 2015
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Some parts available HERE

The engine was used in the L2550/2650

Not sure of any US equivalent

I do not have a problem with Greys, but mine has a US model,
so with part numbers in hand, I can go to the local Kubota dealer
and order parts, this one may be more difficult.

Others will, no doubt, chime in.