BX2670 Fuel Pump Issue


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Jan 25, 2022
New guy here and I'm having an issue with my fuel system...

I just did the annual service on my tractor.

I dropped the mower deck, because it's easier to get to the fuel filter that's underneath the deck (still don't understand why they put that filter where they did)...
Changed both fuel filters, oil, oil filter, trans filter, etc...

When I went to charge the fuel system, by simply turning the key to the on position, the fuel pump would not turn off.

I checked for leaks at each of the filters to make sure I didn't forget a clamp. I loosened the fuel cap to make sure I wasn't air locked. I had fuel pouring out of the tank when I pulled the filter, so I know its not a blockage in the tank.

Thinking that I had a bad fuel pump, I picked up a new one and swapped it out this evening. Still the same issue, the fuel pump will not turn off.

I know there is a fuel solenoid up front on the injector port. It's clicking loudly when I turn the key on. I'm sure that means that it's working (previous post have said it should click...)

Only issue I've ever had with this tractor is it chugs when the fuel filters get clogged. It'll run for a few minutes and then chug for minute, then run fine, then chug, etc.

It was chugging regularly prior to the service. I assumed it was simply a filter issue, as OR is dumping ground for crappy diesel.

Any ideas?


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Jul 13, 2013
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"When I went to charge the fuel system, by simply turning the key to the on position, the fuel pump would not turn off."

It will NEVER cut off ........... it will run as long as you hold the key!!! Remember, the fuel is pumped to the injection pump - and while doing that, the excess is pumped back the tank. SO, if you leave the key on, the fuel (air) is pumped throughout the system and back to the tank. The pump runs all the time the engine runs too. When purging air, the pump DOES make a "funny" noise, until the lines are full of diesel and not air.

Now the pump does stop when you let go of the key?

Did you fire the engine up and allow to run a bit? Do not be surprised if it runs a little crappy for a few - then it should clear up.

Beer - welcome to the forum, if your engine is running - sounds like everything is fine!!! NOW we can talk about moving that #@!$@#$#$ filter too!!:p;)