Building a better brush guard for my L4760


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Dec 16, 2017
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Nothing new in this thread really - I had asked about what other folks did for their Grand L 60 brush guard needs in prep for a grapple - specifically working around the articulating part of the grill. I took some ideas people shared, added my own "this is what I want to do" and decided to dust off my old Hobart stick welder and give it a go.

First off - I'm not making excuses for some of these welds - they are not good... my welder is nearing the end of it's life... when I set say 60A - sometimes a clamp on meter would read 50, sometimes 70... so - the range the welder was putting out per strike and weld was "questionable". Secondly - my first 10 or so actual welds on the grill - and the gaziallion test welds trying to not burn through the expanded steel were all with OLD rod. And at some point I remembered my welding instructor from a BOCES class I took years ago telling you how to know your rods were "wet" - and I decided fighting both the amperage roller coaster AND the crappy old rods was not gonna work - so I took a trip to Harbor Freight and picked up some 3/32 6011 and 7018... the 6011 ran better for me - so that's what I used for probably 80% of this project. Finally and most importantly - it's been a minute since I welded anything... so the skill set of the operator isn't exactly top tier at this point. BUT - once I blew off the cobwebs and about half way through the project the welder stopped with the weird fluctuations - things started looking a lot better.

I started by laying some expanded metal on the inside of the grill - after being sure it would clear the hood and everything while on the tractor. I bent the section that would be going on the bottom fixed portion of the grill to get an idea of how it would lie.

IMG_2329 Large.jpeg

After getting the rough shape - I started to trim excess. You can see I over trimmed a bit on that side - it happens.
IMG_2331 Large.jpeg

Once I finished making sure the top portion would match the wave of the edge of the material AND have enough clearance to move past the bottom frame when opening the grill to open the hood - I welded the bottom section up.
IMG_2343 Large.jpeg

With the bottom fixed - I clamped the top section exactly where it would look good and also fit the curves. After welding several spots along the side, I then clamped the top to the top brace - given the expanded steel a "bow" outward along the top and then welded segments of that. I thought it would look better and provided some added stability as well.
IMG_2358 Large.jpeg

Once I was done with tacking the one side and the top - I did the same going down the other side and then went back and welded every point of expanded steel that crossed the frame. Then I started safely, to OSHA standards, grinding off the excess.
IMG_2323 Large.jpeg

(before the freaking safety police swoop in and start screaming, relax ya uptight wankers... it's a freaking joke)
So - here's where I'm at - super happy with the end results. I'm deciding if I like the "wave" over the top of the cross bar or if that will get ground flush with the top... other than that big decision, today is some time with a wire wheel, then wipe the whole thing down with pain thinner, then primer and paint. Then - I guess it's time for a beer and wait on Kubota and the supply chain to get my 3rd function valve delivered for installation.
IMG_2361 Large.jpeg


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I learned a long time ago to weld/grind only with leather boots. Slag is warm!

Nice job. I'd suggest a bit of support down the middle of the expanded metal. When any limb gets against the expanded metal it gives more than one would think.
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Excellent work. I really like it. (and liked the joke too, lol)
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Oct 8, 2021
Prime, paint and it will look great.