B8200 HST 4WD and accessories for sale


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B8200HST-D, Boxscraper L7515, BL4520, BF300-A
Jun 21, 2014
Central, Ohio
Finished home/yard works. Time to find a new home for the Bull. I purchased this tractor and attachments in 2014.
After acquiring the manuals, I performed a total service of all fluids, filters, belt, radiator hoses (2x) and leaking hydraulic hoses. Replaced bolts as needed. @ 150 hrs indicated. the next ~100 hrs was primarily to operate a Woods deck to mow 2 acres. After the zero turn took over those duties the KUbota dug ditches, holes for trees and moved gravel and backfill dirt for landscaping and concrete preparations. Currently hours indicate 0414.4....hoses and cylinders and seals have been replaced or rebuilt as needed besides standard maintenance with Kubota fluids and filters. Exception for the backhoe is not Kubota and I used NAPA hydraulic fluid and filter in it. Power steering. Lising for $12,800.00 central Ohio. PM me for best contact


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