B6100-D for sale


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B7100HST with Woods LS-72 loader. B6100-HST-D and land pride grooming mower
May 17, 2009
Knoxville, MD
(Sold) B6100-D that will drive onto your trailer.

I bought it with the intent of fixing it up but in looking for parts for it found a whole other one that is now my 'daily driver'.

Picture available in my public photo gallery if you click on my member name and look for the B6100D tractor for sale gallery, http://www.orangetractortalks.com/forums/album.php?albumid=683

This is a B6100-D with 4WD and weather cracked turf tires that still hold air. Left front tire has a tube. Includes chains for the rear.

Surveying this one so far it starts and runs, 4WD engages and disengages, PTO engages, 3PT lift arms lift. It needs the steering box rebuilt because steering feels loose (wheel turns maybe two inches before pittman arm moves) , brakes adjusted or replaced, and probably head gasket because of the oily mess on the top and sides of the motor. It has the wrong ignition switch installed, has no hazard flashers or switch, is missing the bulb holders in the headlight lenses, and only part of the electrical system that is working so far is the glow plugs, as the hour meter, oil pressure light, and headlights don't appear to function.

I also have brand new tires, not mounted on it.

$650 bare tractor, $850 with the new tires.

I also have a 48" RC48G deck for that appears to be in good shape with a newer belt and all the wheels. Comes with the pto shaft from mower gearbox to front. I have the hanging hardware but not the electric PTO switch or the pulleys to transfer power from the crank pulley down to the deck PTO but was going to try fabricate this out of angle iron and the electric PTO from a riding mower.
Another $450.00 for the mower deck with hanging hardware.

21758 Zipcode, Frederick Maryland area about an hour West of Baltimore or North West of D.C.
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