B5200 no hi range!!!!


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Feb 17, 2009
Renton, WA. USA
We have a B5200 that seems to work fine in low range enough power to lift and the scoop, HOWEVER, put it in high range in any gear and it will creep to
a small hill or if you press the brakes it stops and has no power to lift anything, put it in low and you can slowly proceed,
Does it have a clutch pack in the trans that is operated by the high low lever????
Inquiring minds want to know,

Also the three point drifts down(connected some how??????)

Service Dept Vic

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Feb 15, 2009
Southern Alberta Canada
Hal, It seems to me that you have at least three service issues here with your B5200.

1. Seems to lack power to the point that a small incline or stepping on the brakes when in a higher gear will "kill" the engine.

2. The loader lacks lifting power

3. The three point falls

Your B5200 is a gear drive so it has a dry clutch. It may be slipping which could explain a lack of power in a higher gear range or under load. Start with a clutch pedal free play adjustment and take a look at the clutch release bearing and fork to make sure it's not hanging up. Lubricate it through the small hole on the LH side of the tunnel.

If the loader does not have a sufficient supply of hydraulic oil it may lift slow due to oil starvation. Check the fluid level, replace it if you've never done it, and clean the suction screen at the same time.

A dropping 3 point on an older B Series can often be attributed to a small scratch on the spool valve that directs the flow of hydraulic fluid to the 3 point lift piston.

If it "internally bypasses" the lift arms and the implement will slowly fall. Tweaking the 3 point lift lever to bump the implement back up gets a little old, so a repair is in order here.

Hope this can get you started!

Service Dept Vic