Anyone run R14s on LXX60 cab tractor?


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Dec 16, 2017
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Title says it all - interested in your experience if so.

Have a L4760 HSTC, loaded R1's - it destroys the ground - everywhere. Our soil is such fine sand / silt... I'm to the point I have decided I need something wider to spread the weight around some and not leave ruts everywhere I go.

Tractor is used for rotary cutting, loader work, grapple in the future as a lot of trees are coming down due to emerald ash borer, long driveway snow blowing, lots of grave drive land plane work as well a general chores - it's the general chores that will often take the tractor across the lawn and then result in me filling ruts...

Was gonna do R3 turfs - but can't find em and and the parts I can find are stupid expensive right now.
Was thinking about R4's as they are much wider than the R1's... but then started seeing all these R14 posts on smaller machines. Can't tell if they really are better or just "newer" - and also haven't seen anyone talk about them on a larger machine. (but you can't search R14 here because the term is too short)

Also was thinking about not having new tires loaded to make less rut damage... but then feel like sometimes the rear now is even a bit light with a full loader bucket - and losing 1000# back there seems like a bad idea as well!

Probably should just sell the whole thing and take up knitting.


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May 15, 2022
I am not sure if these are exactly what you're looking for but it might send you in the right direction. I see a lot of L6060's with Nokian radials on them for plowing/blowing snow. I believe the rear tire size is 400/80R24 not sure about the fronts. If you google, Nokian tractor snow tires, you will see them, they look like a cross between a turf tire and a R14. As far a counter weight, can you use a 3pt implement as a weight when you are doing loader work.


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Mar 15, 2022
I've stated a few times now I've ran larger machines with r14 style tread and thats what lead me to use them on my small B series. 75hp up to 120hp, both with road bank mowers, on and off highway. I'm a big fan. Better traction then an r4 doesn't tear grass up like an r1, wears really well on the road, but not quite as good as an r4. I've read some complaints about worries the side walls are thinner and load ratings, but in my experience with what I have used and what I've bought neither have been an issue. I can't remember the brand of tire that was on the deere or any of the demo machines we tried out, but the galaxy and Carlisle r14 tires I personally have are very robust tires and weight ratings exceed the specs of the tractor. They arnt cheap. I know when we were looking at bigger tractors that could handle a boom mower it was quite a price jump to get the r14 tires over r1 or r4s.
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