7510 fuel problem/tank cleaning


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May 23, 2011
chancellorsville, va, us
Hi, Ive got a 6 year old b7510, which has recently started giving me trouble. Runs fine for a while, and then will stall---it's plainly fuel starved, as I can see the fuel level in the filter bowl drop very low.
Changed the filter and cleaned the filter bowl/valve assembly, checked the vent tube (not blocked).
I'm guessing there is something floating around in the tank, and occasionally blocking the outlet.
I'm going to try to clean the tank, but I'm wondering if I have to pull the tank to clean it---I don't really want to pull out the instrument cluster, etc... if i don't have to. So my thought was to fill the tank with soap water, and see what floats up the top.
good idea? bad idea?
Any advice would be appreciated.
thank you


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Aug 14, 2009
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I personally believe introducing <<any>> water into the fuel system is not a good idea at all. We work hard to remove very small amounts of water in fuel, especially when in colder climates. i would use some form of distillate.



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Mar 27, 2011
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I would start at the fuel tank and work from there, If the tank is clean and the tank outlet is unobstructed then move on to the fuel line from tank to fuel filter, Look for a pinched or collapsed line that could be restricting fuel flow, I also would definately avoid using any water to flush the tank if you do suspect the tank.