60" Mower Deck - Height Adjustment Help


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Apr 14, 2020
Loudon, TN
The adjustment knob for the deck of my 2380 is almost impossible to turn to the "Top" position. I dropped the deck and got under the BX and cleaned and lubed the mechanism. It helped for a very short time (two mowing sessions) and is now back to being stuck.

Anybody have a suggestion or hint or hack? This whole thing looks pretty poorly designed in my opinion - that stepped rotating pin assembly does not seem like it is meant to be used more than for the initial height setting.

Any advice is much appreciated.



Kubota BX2380 (previously a BX1870 and GR2100)...
Jan 2, 2022
Mine was doing same thing. Ground the pi$$ out of that little nub and bottom of the spiral gear. Works a little better. Strange thing was it was working ok to get into top position, then it stopped going into it, not being able to turn it the 1 last click into top position. Seems like a few people have been having this problem lately.... or you could get new spiral gear for around $55. I think that nub on spiral gear near bottom is supposed to slide into that notch on the lift arm linkage.... I took deck off and tried fiddling with it before grinding it down to see if there was anything on the gear that prevented it from clicking into top position, didn't see anything...
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