3 Rear Remotes, 1 Forward Third Function, 1 Valve - They Beat Me To It :-)


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Sep 12, 2019
Coloma, MI
I know third functions are rear remotes have been covered quite well here: https://www.orangetractortalks.com/...-remotes-on-my-b2650.33155/page-5#post-469011

Especially on B2650’s which are not being made now.
I read everything trying to put together a plan, and came out with some (as usual) strange thoughts while waiting for a grapple that won’t come in time to use this year.

My thought process...
  1. Why are they mounting the forward third function valve on the outside, right side? The same bracket would tuck in inside safely out of the way on the left side, are they just trying to save the cost of a few feet of hose? My thought is you would lose the jumble of hoses, and miss the bucket level for the forward hose run.
  2. Then I figured I might as well T the valve there and run it to the rear. When the grapple is not being used I could have one rear remote.
  3. Why not put a diverter in the rear, and I could have two rear remotes. Use electric or one of those manual ones like on the quick-couple rear remote kits. Should not need to top and tilt at the same time.
  4. Why put the valve forward on the loader if I’m T’ing and running a hose back?? Mount the valve in the back instead of doubling the hose run.
  5. Why use a diverter? Mount a two spool electric valve (the same manifold type used by the third function kits, so you can eliminate the return to tank line).
  6. With a T running forward you would just have two couplers mounted cleanly on the inside of the frame on the left side, same as the ones for the loader on the right.
  7. Or take it up one more notch, add three spool setup which would give you two rear dedicated, one forward dedicated, and third additional rear remote if you want to still T a line that runs to the front. (Which is what I'm working on.. )
I know you lose float, but I’m thinking the 3 PH does help enough with height. Plus, you can add a normal switch in parallel to the momentary rockers if you wanted to lock the hydraulic on for a log splitter, etc. No bungy cord.

Thought I really had an original thought, until I called on my missing mounting bracket and found out they are putting together a kit to combine the third function and rear remote kits.

It sounds like it will be about the same time as when a grapple order might arrive... :)