2022 Kubota SVL97-2 Track Loader Load Arm Drift Prevention


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2022 SVL97-2
Sep 20, 2022
South Carolina
I have a new 2022 Kubota SVL97-2 track loader and would like to mount a "man basket" on a fork attachment. Since buying this track loader, I would like to utilize the lift ability to reach higher things instead of walk boards, ladders, or rental lifts when needing to reach things within the ability of the lift arms on the SVL97-2. Since the man basket will need to stay in that position for various (long) amounts of time, the track loader engine will need to be turned off and the lift arms do not need to "drift" down.

I did a short test with approx 800lbs by lifting arms up approx 3/4 and turning the engine off. The lift arms did very slowly drift down. Ugh, therefore, this is not good for my need of course.

I contacted the dealer sales rep to ask if this was normal (assuming it is since the track loader has less than 15hrs.) and he said that the lift arms will indeed drift down slowly with engine off.

Now, my question is does anyone know if there is an easy (or any) way to prevent the lift arms from drifting down at any set height when the engine is off? Is there not a factory feature to "lock" the arms from drifting at any set height with engine off? There is the arm "lock bar" to be placed under the left side arm, but that is only when the arms are all the way up for service needs. If I could create a "modification", I would imagine mounting an easy accessible valve somewhere that can be turned when wanting to prevent the lift arms from drifting from any height. However, I have know idea how these systems work or if that is simply a good idea that could never happen. Lol.

I am not a tractor mechanic. This is my first track loader owned. I do not know hydraulic systems in depth. I am mechanically inclined and if there is a simple way of doing something to fix this I may be able to perform myself. If it's beyond my ability but I can understand it, I can have a shop perform the work.


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Oct 21, 2017
Going for the Darwin award? The first thing you should do is take out a $5M life insurance policy. You will also need $5M coverage for liability since you plan on putting someone elses life in danger.

Rent a scissor lift or zoom boom.



Dec 16, 2021
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The Safety Police are going to hound you, they can live in their bubble. Yes, I had a similar problem, my FEL bucket tilt would drift down what I felt was unacceptable, 300hrs on tractor, the 7 seals per side where $250 per side, I went to a hydraulic shop and got them for $100 per side, and rebuilt myself, but like anything on a new tractor, the rams where very difficult to unthread so I paid the shop to open them only. Good luck.