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Buying Advice, Recommendations & Pricing Looking at starting or growing your Kubota equipment collection? Unsure if you have found a good deal or not?

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Default Re: Do most Kubota dealers just charge MSRP?

Originally Posted by Missouribound View Post
When I bought my tractor, the dealer suggested I go online to get the best deal I could find and bring it to him and he would beat it.
Long story short...I did...and he did.
Dealers do not have to follow the MSRP. So look around and find what you want at a price you are willing to pay and tell the dealer to beat it.
If he won't, just find one who will. And remind him that there are dealers that sell that green tractor that would love your business.
If a dealer can't satisfy a customer then he should find another line of work
You are the one who pays his salary, puts his kids thru school and puts food on his table. If he doesn't want your money, find a dealer that does.

Dont pretend like the dealer is some poor soul and you're stealing from his kids asking for a discount. Its quite clear there are wide differences on discounts and they are either within their power or preference to compete with those lower prices or lose those sales and base their pricing on whatever they choose. Maybe they have enough people paying full MSRP that there's no reason to bother discounting.

If you have a price and everyone you talks to scoffs, you are clearly too low. In my case I had a written quote from a dealer 40 miles away for almost $3k less than the dealer in my town and they were incredulous and rude that I even suggested them trying to come close or match it. Result was I bought from someone else and they've lost far more than $3k by me telling 50 people to avoid them due to my experience. Some of these dealers dont seem to have a single clue how the "unhappy people tell 25 of their friends" aspect of things cost them a lot more than making someone a bit happier.

IMHO a dealer that will clearly offer you sub-par service on a brand where they are an official, licensed dealer isnt a dealer you want working for you in the first place.
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Default Re: Do most Kubota dealers just charge MSRP?

Hiya, new here, found the site as I am pretty sure I willll be buying my first ever tractor (sub-compact). I am one of the guys moving up from a riding lawn mower JD x300. So i thought I would share my dealings so far regarding the OPs question.

BX1880 with 48in mower deck.

Kubota online builder MSRP = 11,300
(Fine print says: *Taxes, shipping & handling, surcharges, assembly charges, destination, freight and/or delivery charges are not included.)

Dealer quote = 11,600 (300 more?)
Less DSA (not sure what this is) 200
Less CIR (instant rebate for 1 implement i believe) 500
Less cash payment 1,250
Equals 9,650 plus tax

Sooo, I could be missing something as I do not make many bigger purchases like this, but it looks like they are actually over MSRP, but with Kubota discounts, it gets a decent amount lower.

Thanks for any input on my situation! Glad I joined up! -Brad

PS: I should mention they said they ARE lower because his price includes $1,000 setup fee, $525 freight fee and $50 delivery. If that is the case, that seems like a decent discount.?.?

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Default Re: Do most Kubota dealers just charge MSRP?

I see you are in NH. I bought mine in Plaistow NH, not sure if you can mention the dealers name here but they are easy to find. Purchase price in April of this year was significantly below the web site pricing for a BX23s. I paid less for a BX23s with pallet forks, 3 point hitch, receiver for 3 point, ROPS lights and filled tires and the KTEC insurance than the web site listed.
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Default Re: Do most Kubota dealers just charge MSRP?

A lecture from any dealer would prompt me to go elsewhere.

My dealer was below MSRP whereas another was well above. My dealer caters to the homeowner and has 3 stores in the area. Lots of BXs, zero turns etc. The one I went to for a price was very small and clearly catered to the farmer. Many cabbed Ms, hay implements, seeders etc. No mowers whatsoever.
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Default Re: Do most Kubota dealers just charge MSRP?

I recently purchased a BX2380 and I received a discount off MSRP of about 6%.

That discount was NOT a rebate or other Kubota incentive, it was a dealer discount off purchase price.

Not saying that's a good discount, but that's what my dealer offered below MSRP.

Then we subtracted rebates and added for tax.

Hope that helps.
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Chad D.
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Default Re: Do most Kubota dealers just charge MSRP?

I wound up a fair poke below the online Build your tractor pricing Kubota offers. Happy with the price I paid.

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