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Default Kubota M4 Problems, anyone?

My new Kubota M4 has been in the shop with some issues as soon as it was delivered. the biggest issue being a bad de-clutch switch which caused it to frequently fail to go into gear when shifting (not cool when on a road). Anyone else having issues with M4's out of the box?

Kubota customer satisfaction line won't say anything except "We have no campaigns open on M4s"--seems as though a campaign equates to a recall in orange talk. They push me off to the dealer who is fixing my issues, but I am interested in experiences from other M4 owners. I think the dealer is now doing his best to help, but Kubota will not give out any information and even told me that the Kubota rep who works with the dealer is not customer facing.

Appreciate any thoughts/experiences. I am a bit concerned as it seemed that Kubota stopped making M7060's last spring with the M4's coming out soon and they have only been trickling out and new M7060's have been showing up again in the last few months. Is this a roll out problem or am I too paranoid?

btw, I really, really like the M4D-071 features--just need it to spend more time at my place than at the dealer.
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Default Re: Kubota M4 Problems, anyone?

I've got a M4D-071, 18 gears version, delivered in March 2019. - My neighbour also bought one, delivered two weeks later. And there is a third one in our village, delivered something about August 2019. This one I dont know very well.
All three with a FEL from 'Quicke', not the Kubota LA1154 (it's horrible).

My M4 now has over 250 hours in less than 10 month on it and I didn't have any issues.
Two things I dont like: if it's cold, shifting between the three groups is realy tricky, and, as long as the gearbox/hydraukil-oil is cold, something under 80F, the breaksystem "eats" a lot of power if you want to drive at high speed (25 mls/h).

My neighbour, his M4 has about 150 h on it, has a little problem with his brakesystem. There is a very little pressuredifference between the right and the left side. The breaks are working perfekt, but this issue sometimes produces a loud high frequent noise and the DTC 35. - Kubota knows about this Problem. They will adjust or change the Breakvalve next month.

So far, that all till now.

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Default Re: Kubota M4 Problems, anyone?

bernhardine: Thanks for taking the time to reply with details.

My M4D-071, from day of delivery, was not able to reach speed and bogged down immediately when given more than very minimal throttle. This seems to be a short caused by the addition of a security kill switch and is now cured. I will know more when all is resolved and I get it back from the dealer. I will post on that after I get to test it. That was one of my issues from day one.
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