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Default Single cylinder hydraulic hookup

Is it possible to run a single hydraulic line from the front end loader valve on a L4240 (from either ports C or D) to a single-acting hydraulic cylinder on a sickle bar mower? There is no second "return" line. I do NOT have rear hydraulics on my tractor (and don't them need for anything else). Several local farmers have said it will work, but they are using Deere's, not Kubotas. There is a precaution in the owners manual that mentions possible damage to the pump seals if ports C & D are used, but no explanatory details are provided. Thanks for the help.
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Default Re: Single cylinder hydraulic hookup

A typical loader valve will not have a free spooling center position.
Perhaps you could add a single spool in a power beyond configuration to do what you need to do.

On my Hurlimann 435 there is a fitting to reconfigure one of the internal hydraulic circuits for single acting cylinders. Perhaps your tractor has a similar feature.
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Default Re: Single cylinder hydraulic hookup

I think it should work, but some single action cylinders don't play well with regen loader valves.
Try it, you'll know if it won't work because it will get "stuck" and you'll have to crack the line to relieve pressure and get it disconnected, but you won't hurt the tractor.
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Default Re: Single cylinder hydraulic hookup

With a loader already being on the tractor it's very simple and fairly cheap to add rear remotes. The hard plumbing is done. All you do is rob the fluid flow to the loader and put it in a new valve then back to the loader. I think it was under $300 to add my remotes. If you did go that route I suggest getting a valve with float position. That's my only regret.
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Default Re: Single cylinder hydraulic hookup

No problem. The system will go into "relief" mode while the cylinder is retracting under the weight of the cycle bar and your holding the joystick over, but for the few seconds that will take no harm will be done.

FYI becasue of the always on "regen" of the L-series joysticks on the dump circuit, you''' have to use the curl, lift, or lower ports (I don't know how tat corresponds to the assigned letters)
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