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Default Re: Does a Die work backward

Like others I have always used a nut to clean up threads after a cut.

If you want more toys:
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Default Re: Does a Die work backward

I wonder how that cordless tool holds up to Grade 8 bolts? ;-)
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Default Re: Does a Die work backward

We use mostly "yellow" tools at work and have a few of the DeWalt cutters. They are used for cutting allthread. They are good for 1/4-1/2" mild steel and max 3/8" SS. Primary use is trimming allthread on trapeze hangers. Our work is electrical and HVAC construction and we don't have a need to trim Grade 8.
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Default Re: Does a Die work backward

I agree with using a nut or putting the die on backwards so it will cut as it is removed.

I also suggest cutting threaded-components with a CUT_OFF wheel. There is MUCH less risk of disturbing the threads with a cut-off wheel.

If the threads do get buggered.... simply use bench-grinder to LIGHTLY touch up the circumference (of the end) of the threaded-component... a grinder is less likely turn over the threads than a saw.
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Default Re: Does a Die work backward

I usually thread TWO nuts onto the bolt, lock them at the 'cutting' spot,hold in vice, use thin blade in angle grinder. The hold bolt by head, unscrew both nuts, maybe 'ouchup' the trheads on a buffing wheel, maybe.
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Default Re: Does a Die work backward

Yes, you can do the same with a nut.
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Default Re: Does a Die work backward

1/4 -20 or bigger I've taken a grade 8 nut and used a triangle file & cut slots in the nut threads in three places and used as a re-threader when not had anything else.
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Tim Horton
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Default Re: Does a Die work backward

After many years in tool and die machine shops, custom fasteners having been one of my specialties.

It has been my experience you would have better results using
"thread repairing dies"

They are relatively inexpensive all considered, and if you have the volume of work for a tool like that, well worth the price.

Thread cutting dies are well suited for what they are intended, but too fragile for other uses.

One example....
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