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Default Re: Battery Master Switch

Originally Posted by BigG View Post
Stored at the house surrounded by a chain link fence. However someone cut my chain link fence and push a big 4 wheeler over 1/2 a mile down the road and onto a trailer. We followed the tracks in the mud. I thought it was fine since it was fenced in. So I would like to make it a little harder to get the tractor.
I hate a damn thief and feel sorry you have to go through that much to keep your stuff at your house. I always say in the auto world its way easier for me to make your car not run then it is to make it run. I have some ideas how to make the tractor less likely to get stolen but most ideas would make it harder on you when you want to use it.

Most thieves looking for something quick and easy. Cutting a fence and pushing a quad down the road is way easier then trying to push a tractor down the road.
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