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Default Re: Sabre Samurai hydraulic hookup & options

Originally Posted by sheepfarmer View Post
Woodmaxx sells a 54" flail for 18 to 40 hp tractors for $1949, and their picture seems to show a BX. I don't remember what my Caroni cost. It would save fooling with the hydraulics.
Thanks, it looks like a beast. However, can it cut vertically? I'm looking at a picture of it on Woodmaxx's site and struggling to see how it can turn 90 degrees make vertical cuts. That's what I need, to make a vertical cut up the side of the growth (like trimming the edge of a hedge).

Originally Posted by Grouse Feathers View Post
The Kubota rear remote kit for BXs that I bought for my BX2370 was only $330. I don't think you will be able to beat that with an after market setup. Do not look for the kit online you will only find the parts listed for a lot more than $330. Call a Kubota salesman and get a quote for the kit. The kit is designed to fit on BX tractors and used for their dealer installed option. It is easy to install if you have some piping or hydraulic experience and only takes a couple of hours.
Interesting option. Do you have pictures of the assembly that you could share? Is there a detent on the control to keep the valve open (to run the hydraulic motor on the Samurai)? I don't have any hydraulic experience, but did take some time today to review the hydraulics schematic for the BX and it made sense. I still need to make a trip out to the shed to see the real hardware to get a better sense of things by tracing it all out.
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