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  1. torch

    Wake up call, today's reality?

    I'm not sure that qualifies as "trying to screw your customers". Agreeing on a price, then sneaking in all sorts of extras that weren't mentioned is screwing the customer. Claiming that the warranty is voided by the customer servicing his own vehicle is screwing the customer. Tricking the...
  2. torch

    Greased the FEL today...

    With my luck, I'd just snap the zerk off when I hit it with the hammer.
  3. torch

    Do you drive fast?

    In Ontario, you will lose your license and car will be impounded on the side of the road without trial if you are clocked at more than 40kph (~25mph) over the limit. 50kph (~30mph) on a highway where the limit is 100kph (63mph). So at ~93mph you are walking home.
  4. torch

    Wake up call, today's reality?

    I guess if he can't get as many cars to sell in a month, he has to make more per car to cover the expenses. I bet his electric bill, taxes, salaries, Worker's Comp, etc. didn't go down.
  5. torch

    wet lines

    Fluid from the pump goes into the Pump port. If the controls are in neutral, then the Open Center just passes the fluid on to the PB port and from there to the next control in the chain. If that control is also in neutral, then the fluid is passed on to the next in the chain, and so on. If all...
  6. torch

    wet lines

    I did not realize the backhoe installation was on a different machine. If you installed either a diverter valve or quick-connect pair on the line from the PB out of the FEL, and a tee with a quick-connect outlet in the line to the tank, you would effectively by-pass the 3PH and make the spade...
  7. torch

    wet lines

    Sorry, I missed this before my last comment. (Trying to co-ordinate on-line learning for grandson due to snow day this morning). If the backhoe is connected to the FEL PB port, then there should be 3 hoses. Failure to provide the 3rd (tank) hose takes the pressure relief valve out of the...
  8. torch

    wet lines

    Third option: add a PTO powered auxiliary hydraulic pump that stays with the tree spade. Probably the most expensive option, but if the spade sees regular use it has the advantages of increased flow and seamless interoperability with the FEL or 3ph.
  9. torch

    wet lines

    The "correct" way to add an additional hydraulic implement is to re-route the PB outlet from the FEL to the spade inlet, route the spade PB outlet to it's former location and tee the Tank lines together (or run the spade Tank line separately back to the reservoir). That is the only way you...
  10. torch

    Anyone put a BX with loader in a Shelter Logic Tent

    I find the Shelter Logic covers are now crap and suffer UV rot in less than a year of northern sun. The first one I bought lasted 5 or 6 years. When it started falling apart, it was cheaper to buy a whole new shelter than a replacement cover. The second one lasted a whole year. I covered it...
  11. torch

    Cold Weather Starting Problems

    I'm guessing I'm a little north of you, because it was -30°C here last night. My block heater quit working the other day, so I'm temporarily using a magnetic block heater that sticks to the oil pan. Not as efficient or effective, but does help. As for how long to pre-heat the glow plugs, I...
  12. torch

    Put a 'Harley' horn on my 'BX

    ^^^ This. 👍 People ignore the drone of the tractor after a while. The horn gets their attention, then you can use hand-signals.
  13. torch

    Replacement headlights for B7100HST

    I installed a couple of 4" round LED assemblies in mine. The supply is 12vdc, so no concerns there. The output is unimpressive but that's good because they mostly light up the back of the FEL bucket anyway. Much better lighting is provided by the mini (6 LED) light bar I mounted near the cab...
  14. torch

    Hanix Little Giant excavator?

    That wouldn't happen if you were wearing your hard hat! <lol>
  15. torch

    Going to motorize my snowblower chute

    Don't overthink it. The deflector does not require much force. The reality is 10# force is probably overkill. Think of it this way: the clamping force of a manual adjuster or holding force of a cable adjuster is negligible, so you don't really need 200#+ of force. If you run into a situation...
  16. torch

    Ford Lightning all Electric Truck

    I suspect your electrician was either mis-informed or trolling for extra work. A basic principle is that existing installations are grandfathered, but any and all portions of new work must meet the latest code requirements. Take arc-fault protection for example. Reference OESC Bulletin 26-29-3...
  17. torch

    B7100 Glow plug questions

    I have an acetylene torch. I also have an inductive heater that I purchased around a year ago and am really learning to like. It heats nuts very quickly without waving a flame around. Very useful in many situations. Two weeks ago I used it to heat the nuts on a gas tank sender unit attached to a...
  18. torch

    Ford Lightning all Electric Truck

    Is this new? It used to be that only the parts of the electrical system being worked on had to be upgraded to the latest edition of the code.
  19. torch

    B7100 Glow plug questions

    It was -21° this morning. I plugged in the block heater for 2 hours, installed a jumper with alligator clips from the rear to the centre glow plug, preheated for a minute and she fired up on all 3 with no stumble or white smoke. So I think that supports the corroded connection hypothesis. For...
  20. torch

    B710” clutch replacement, what other parts?

    Use OEM parts, if possible. There have been reports of problems with Chinesium from eBay.