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    M7040 A/C doesn’t blow hard

    I have a M7040 4x4 (unsure on exact year) that has 1100 hours and the A/C doesn’t blow hard at all. The air is extremely cold though. I’ve thoroughly cleaned all the filters, radiator, a/c coils etc. I have to keep all but one or two closed, if I open them all you can still feel the air coming...
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    Questions about flail mowers

    I’ve never had one, but have always had rotary mowers of varying sizes. I have some property I’m wanting to clean up and the drag mowers I have are either just a tad to big to make it where I need to go or it’s too much hassle to back up. So I’ve decided to either buy a 3 point mower or flail...
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    Leinbach auger height issues

    Ok peeps so I had a gentleman give me a leinbach auger that has been sitting for some years. After tearing it apart and replacing some small minor things I put it on the tractor and no matter which combination of pin placement I did the highest I’ve been able to get it to raise is about 1/2” off...
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    Kubota rear remote complete set-up

    I have a complete set-up to put on a rear remote on my L4600 that didn’t have any remotes when I bought it a few years ago. I have since sold the tractor and replaced it with another. The parts are still in the box, not sure what other models it will fit. I paid $900 from the local kubota dealer...
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    M7040 hydraulic shuttle questions

    I have a M7040 with the hydraulic shuttle and have a couple questions 1. I know you don’t have to use the clutch with the hydraulic shuttle, so is it best to go to stop in neutral either for a second or two before changing directions, come to a complete stop before changing directions or just go...
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    M7040 using hydraulic fluid

    I have a 4x4 cab M7040 with hydrastatic shift and the past two days I have spent approx 7-8 hours each day moving dirt with the FEL. I checked this evening and noticed I was low on hydraulic fluid. Yesterday before I started I checked the level and it was good. There was no indication of fluid...
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    Adding hydraulics to a rear blade?

    Has anyone ever added hydraulics to a 3 Point rear blade or know of any plans out there on the internet? I’ve got a 7’ blade and I think I have a good idea as to how, just thought I would ask for some input first. Thanks in advance for any help Josh
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    M7040 radio issues

    I recently purchased a M7040 and the radio doesn’t work. I have read online numerous different forums and posts about buying the adapter and seen dozens of wiring diagrams. I pulled checked the fuse behind the radio and the one in the fuse box under the steering wheel because the radio won’t...
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    M7040 tight steering, moaning and 4wd issues

    I bought a cab 7040 with a 1000 hrs, excellent shape all the way around. The dealer was replacing one of the front hubs (I think, can’t remember what he was calling it). Once I got it home and was using it I played with the 4wd drive and noticed that when I push the lever down the 4wd indicator...
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    Looking at buying a M9540

    I’m looking at a 2006 M9540 but the only thing that worries me is that it has 3400 hours. It has a fel, cab, 4x4, inside looks immaculate, no tears in the seat, and if you were to look at it you would swear it just rolled out of the showroom. No faded paint and also runs, starts and sounds like...