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    Testing Pressure

    Can you test the pressure at the backhoe ports as opposed to the loader ports? I would rather not mess with the 4 port manifold on my 2018 BX23S if I don't have to.
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    Land Pride PFL12 forks

    I emailed the 2 local dealers for a quote on the PFL12 pallet forks. The only one to respond quoted me $540. I think that is a real good price. I hope he has them in stock.
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    BX pallet forks Anybody have any experience with these forks? I like that they are light weight and reasonably priced, Just wish they had a 2" receiver setup. The blades are 36". Any thoughts and opinions...
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    Time to shim?

    So my 2018 BX23S is almost 1yr. old with 85hours on the clock. Today I was turning my reserve top soil because there were to many weeds growing in it. I live to Southeast Georgia so the topsoil is like a gray sand. The soil is dry, so when I was filling the bucket the machine would not curl or...
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    Bx23s bh

    I'm looking at one of the Facebook BX groups and this user has uncovered this large rock approximately 6'long, 2-3' wide, 1' thick. Not unusual, but then he was able to pick the rock by keeping it wedged between the bucket and the dipper. No thumb. Then he appears to drive away with it. Is that...
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    Fuel filter BX23S

    I'm looking at my service schedule, it says to check the fuel filter at 100 hours. So I'm assuming if it's still there, not leaking, clogged or damaged it's OK. I should mention I do have the under armor.
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    BX23S mower linkage

    I'm trying to get the mower linkage to lower so I can install the Under Armour. Keep in mind I don't have an MMM. I turn the height knob and nothing seems to happen. Same thing when I move the hydraulic lift for it. What am I missing? I hope the quality of the question is good!
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    Under Armour

    Does anybody use the BXpanded Under Armour to protect the vulnerable filters on the BX series tractors?
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    Help BX23S

    I have a new BX23S, trying to finish the 50 hour service. Trying to replace the hydro filter, on the 23S they have a armor plate to protect the fan which is good. However this plate restricts access to replace the hydro filter. An end cap wrench is not an option and a band style wrench can be no...
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    How much SUDT

    Getting prepped for the 50 hour service. Going to get the filters from the dealer tomorrow. My question is how much hydraulic fluid should I plan on losing. I can't do the vacuum method since I'm only one person and the dog just looked at me when I tried to explain everything to her! Less than a...
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    Engine oil

    With the 50 hour service looming in the near future. I find the Kubota manual to be very confusing as to which motor oil to use. Kubota says to use any oil that is CF or higher designation. Then on the other hand they say to not use any oil that has the CJ-4 designation which is for tractors...
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    Piranha Toothbar

    Don't know if this interests anyone but there is a deal on the Piranha Toothbar on BXpanded for $239 which is $100 off.
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    Greasing time

    It's time for the first lube on the new BX23S, I'm guessing I'm going to need about 2 tubes of grease? I noticed that it was lubed with the red grease so I better stick with that. I read that it's not good to commingle different colors of grease even if they have the same ratings? TIA for any...
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    I am leaning heavily toward purchasing a new BX23S after looking at several used BX25D's. I went to my local dealer in southeast Georgia to see a new one and get a ballpark price. Sine Kubota is not offering any cash discount I will probably take the 0% if I decide to pull the trigger. The...
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    I was looking at a used BX25 TLB. When I was driving the machine around I noticed that the tractor did not stop completely when I let off the gas, I had to tap the reverse peddle to get a full stop. Is this normal operation?
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    Tractor #2

    Today I went to look at Tractor #2 a 2014 BX25 TLB. A former rental unit with unknown hours( seller thinks about 300) plus a non working fuel gauge. No maintenance records. Had a good case of sunburn with many of the labels worn. Motor was clean but overall I gave the tractor a fair to good...
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    Private sale

    I'm planning on purchasing a tractor from a private party in the 12-15K range. What is the best way to handle the financial end of the transaction since it's probably going to be a long distance purchase and I will not be present when it gets picked up. About 5 years ago I was handling the sale...
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    I went to go look at a 2015 4WD KUBOTA Model#BX25 DLB, 159 hours this morning. The condition of the machine was very good since it was stored outside with no cover in a very muddy area with no running water. When I lifted the hood there was a lot oil on the valve cover which I thought was...
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    Good Buy

    $13,000 Excellent condition 2014 4WD KUBOTA Model#BX25 DLB. Everything works as it should. Seller claims 300hours, former rental unit. As a noobie any advice on what I have to look for? I plan on using the tractor to move some dirt around the property essentially smoothing out the grade...