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    Credit Rating Nonsense

    It’s all a scam rigged by the financial system so that they can make more money off the backs of the small guy. If you borrow money or use credit your score goes down and if you don’t borrow money or use credit your score goes down. Totally flawed system because you can have millions in the bank...
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    Frustration with waiting on new Kubota order

    So did you pay for a tractor that the dealer has in stock? Or one on order?
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    Underpowered 3901 Tractor with BH77 Backhoe (or design flaw)??

    My bet would be that either the 3rd function valve, rear remotes or backhoe feed is plumbed wrong. Either in the wrong sequence or wrong size fittings. Also, their is a possibility that the 3rd function is stuck passing fluid through it when it isn’t supposed to dumping pressure.
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    Lx2610 / LA535 loader grease extentions

    Put on a Lincoln Quick Lube Lubrication System and you will never have to use a grease gun again. If automatically lubricates as you run the machine. They work great. Little pricey for homeowner use.
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    Boom sickle mower for Kubota

    What did you buy? Can you post a link to the one you bought?
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    Hanix Little Giant excavator?

    My Condolences. So sorry to hear that. I know you wanted to get the excavator done but at least he knew that you are working on rebuilding it and getting it ready to use.
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    Need help from truck guys

    Maybe you can make a deal with the body manufacturer to trade that body for one that fits your needs. Might be cheaper than modifying the body.
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    Found it but can't get a wrench on it!

    Where did he post saying he had fixed it? Other than bypassing it temporarily?
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    Tractor bucket thumb

    This was Right after I put it on in 2015. I have used it a lot moving stuff including lots of logs. It is on my B2920.
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    Hanix Little Giant excavator?

    Hot water pressure washer with a turbo rotating tip will take that off without using any soap. I have cleaned lots of equipment that looked that bad using one and never used any soap
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    Tractor bucket thumb

    I have one of these and love it. Called “The Thumb” by Greens-Machine Shop.
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    Extreme Cold weather operation

    Most Kubota’s, if you tip the seat up against the steering wheel, you can run the PTO without pressure on the seat sensor.
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    L4701 I am an idiot how screwed am I ?

    Even if the 50 hour service wasn’t done, 94 hours is not enough over that to have caused damage to the engine.
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    Snow Blower Shoes

    How does this reply answer the OP’s question?
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    Snow blower issue

    Check that your driveshaft is well lubricated where it slides when you raise and lower it. Pull it apart and grease or oil it up. My B2782B snowblower on my B2920 makes more noise when lifted up all the way.
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    BX2816 Snow Blower question.

    Are the chains Well lubricated? Gear box full? Check tension on chains. Too tight or too loose makes them noisy. Too tight chains can cause other parts of the driveline to make noises. Also, make sure the telescoping drive shaft is lubricated.
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    B3030 Hydraulic Hose Leak

    Most good auto parts stores like NAPA and other ones that get into heavier truck parts can make up hydraulic hoses.
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    down pressure on a rear blade, add weights the only solution?

    Rear blade shouldn’t need extra weight to clear snow if it is adjusted correctly. If it isn’t digging the snow up enough, then you need to adjust it. As was pointed out, adjust the top link to make the blade more or less aggressive as the conditions warrant.
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    Ripped Off

    Unfortunately, you are so adamant that you are right about your pump and want everyone to make you feel good by reassuring you that you are right, you have ignored advice from 2 well seasoned Kubota mechanics about your problems. You are acting as though you really don’t want help, but just...
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    L4701 I am an idiot how screwed am I ?

    I would want more information from the dealer than just it needs a new engine. What exactly is wrong with it? What have they done to diagnose it? What does it need to fix it other than throwing a new engine in it? If they have not disassembled it, I would haul it to another dealer for another...