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    David Bradley Hay Trailer Questions...

    I just picked up running gear. I found the tag and I’m looking for more info. It’s a David Bradley model 231-428. What were the original specs for this trailer? What was the weight it could carry? It’s pretty roached and needs a complete rebuild. Someone cut the ears off of the frame and...
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    Thinking about building a trailer

    I need a trailer for my tractor and I’ve been thinking about building one. I figure a 5 ton trailer with a 20’ deck would be perfect. I have a LX2610 cab with a backhoe. Has anyone built a trailer...
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    Small PTO generator

    I live off grid, no connection to utilities. Occasionally I need a generator to run tools etc. I see there are PTO driven generators but they all seem to be large. Are there smaller generators out there?