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    60” Everything Attachments Root Rake Grapple

    Hooked it up today and cleared up some areas around the house. It works great! I love it!
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    Must haves for L4701

    I will get 3rd function on the loader. I really don’t think I will need rear remotes; I have done well without the need on a box blade and I don’t plan on any pull type implements. Also getting rear tires filled with water and antifreeze, rear work light, and bucket level indicator.
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    Must haves for L4701

    Well at only $3000 more for an MX5400 ($35/month), I went with the MX. The dealer had a 4701 and a 5400. I will pick up tractor, 10,000 pound trailer, 6’ disc, and 6’ box blade next week. I’ll go back to get the fel and a cutter whenever they come in. He said it might be a while before the fel...
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    Must haves for L4701

    I'm about to pull the trigger on an L4701 HST and I want to make sure I order everything on it that I need. I own 400+ acres of mostly timberland in SE Alabama and will use it primarily for disking, cutting, and maintaining roads and firebreaks and food plots. I plan to purchase a front-end...