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  1. J

    Rear Remote for Woods Backhoe

    Dan, thanks for the info. That is good news and glad I checked. My plan to "feather" the backhoe controls to slowly purge fluid into a bucket would have gotten pretty messy!!
  2. J

    Rear Remote for Woods Backhoe

    Ok I have had a couple of hydraulic hoses made and my plan is to route the hydraulic circuit as follows: 1. From the pump up front I will route back to rear of the tractor for the Woods BH80x backhoe 2. From the rear of the tractor I will run forward to the "inlet" of the 3rd function valve...
  3. J

    Rear Remote for Woods Backhoe

    The ports on the the "third function assembly" are as follows: 1) "Inlet" hose that is connected to the tractors hydraulic pump 2) "Power Beyond" hose which connects to the loader valve (formally fed directly from hydraulic pump) 3) "Tank" hose which connects to the sump via a new hard formed...
  4. J

    Rear Remote for Woods Backhoe

    As far as the power beyond circuitry is there any advantage/disadvantage for putting the rear takeoffs for the backhoe before or after the 3rd function valve?
  5. J

    Rear Remote for Woods Backhoe

    Revisiting this thread now that I have received my Kubota 3rd function kit. From the attached diagrams from the install set it appears that they intend to intercept the "inlet" circuit from the hydro pump before it and re-direct it to the 3rd function valve. From there the "power beyond" port...
  6. J

    Kubota L2222 - 3rd Function Kit Issues

    Hello, I just attempted to install an OEM Kubota 3rd function kit on my L3240 HSTC-1 tractor with L724 loader. I was assured by my local dealer that this was the exact fit and was willing to cough up a little more than aftermarket. Well...after taking off the loader, draining the hydro oil...
  7. J

    Diesel Additive

    My Kubota L3240 is the first diesel engine I have maintained. Is it recommended to run any diesel additive with these engines? The machine will be used periodically for maintenance of our small property as well as snow push back. I would speculate we will run through less than 20 gal per...
  8. J

    WTB Grapple / Root Rake

    Looking for a decent grapple for home use. Located in New England and travel from RI to VT.
  9. J

    Root Rake / Grapple

    Looking for a 60" grapple for my Kubota L3240. Just for work (brush, rocks, logs, etc..) around our small piece of land in VT. It does not need to be industrial grade for commercial use. Looks like there is a large range of costs & quality. Does anyone have any units that are on the lower...
  10. J

    Rear Remote for Woods Backhoe

    Dan, Very clean install. Waiting for the "In Stock" 3rd Function kit from Kubota which is now already 4 weeks in but supply chain issues are everywhere. Once I have those pieces and instructions I plan on finalizing my hose setup/routing. Thanks
  11. J

    Rear Remote for Woods Backhoe

    Hello, I was mapping this project out and wanted to confirm a couple of items. In summary I am adding a factory Kubota 3rd function kit to my L723 loader. This will come off the power beyond port on the loader control. From the 3rd function outlet I will then have a return line that will...
  12. J

    WTB Woods Subframe

    Looking for a subframe to install a Woods BH80-X onto my L3240 HSTC (Gen-1) tractor. Woods has confirmed that the part number for the kit is 1025675
  13. J

    Woods Backhoe Subframe

    Long shot here but before I place an order for a new subframe kit for my tractor I wanted to check to see if anyone might have one they are looking to sell. Details are as follows: Mounting a Woods BH80-X backhoe to a L3240 Kubota HTSC tractor (Gen-1). Woods has confirmed that the part...
  14. J

    Rear Remote for Woods Backhoe

    Thanks for the info. Its a pretty small tractor so I am going to go with the Power Beyond single loop method.
  15. J

    Rear Remote for Woods Backhoe

    I am looking to add a Woods backhoe to my L3240 HSTC. I also will be installing a Kubota 3rd function valve kit on my LA723 loader to allow me to use the grapple. From my research I simply create a "loop" on the Power Beyond circuit of my loader valve. Sound like I come out of the loader...
  16. J

    Backhoe Options - L3240 HSTC I

    Hello, I am having some trouble with my local dealer identifying which backhoe implements might work with my "new to me" tractor. Its a Kubota L3240 HSTC (Gen-1 Cab). Looks like Woods lists their BH75 as the only model that works with the gen-1 cab models. Does anyone have any experience...