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    Homemade Hydraulic Decompression Tool

    just hook your hoses together when yo take the grapple off
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    Grapple Decision

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    Hour Meter for Attachments

    just check them once in awhile, or once a week when in use. there's no need for an app for everything. when people were still using mules they checked them and fed them everyday. didn't have a hour clicker to tell them they might be hungry
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    Anybody used one of these Hydraulic Multipliers?

    put one on the fil's tractor so he could run his round baler, plug n play simple, no hoses required and works great. his will do set a, set b, or both at the same time. dave_eng that is the valve i used to run my grapple on my b7100
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    Filter for BX series

    I'm not a fan of Belarus but those things run forever. Their oil filter is a piece of window screen and their fuel filter isn't much better. I've never been around a farm or construction site that treated their refueling like they were in a operating room. Someone has to much time and money.
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    Changing spool valve on b7100

    where did you get those tire chains? all i can find is ladder chains, i want a pair like that!!!
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    SSQA mod

    that would work great, but my handles stay right where they're supposed to. its just the pins pushing up. i can watch them push right up while the handles stay still. it drives me crazy as i only have a b7100, not exactly a high hp machine.
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    SSQA mod

    i've popped my grapple off so many times now, that i chain it on and use a bolt to tighten it up. i will admit that it is not a kubota piece as i bought the chinese latch plates off from amazon. i can pop it off by simply closing the lid on something that puts pressure on the latch pins. i can...
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    Tractors an Brush Burn Pits

    i actually was confused why the bucket had no burn marks and the main fire damage was in the center of the tractor.
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    B7100 FEL Needed

    Just some examples
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    B7100 FEL Needed

    i absolutely love my koyker 110 on my b7100. they don't make the 110 anymore but i believe the 120 is the same loader. lifting power is amazing, you'll want some rear weights. the joy stick is in the perfect spot, atleast for me
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    snow pusher size for a b7100?

    from what i've observered depending on the size it carries more snow, doesn't stick like it does in a bucket. the biggest advantage to me is i plow snow off gravel and sod so having the two skis on the sides keeps it from ripping everything up. if i was on concrete or black top i'd probably just...
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    snow pusher size for a b7100?

    thanks for the replies. that is correct, i've got the ssqa on the loader. i won't be angling it, just straight pushes. i do have a 48" blower for the back of it that i picked up this spring. just thinking it would be faster to push it off and then when the weather is a little nicer out blow the...
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    snow pusher size for a b7100?

    good morning to all. i'm looking at building a ssqa snowpusher for my b7100. i'm thinking 60" wide by about 18" tall. just looking for some friendly advice if that sounds about the right size. i've only ran it twice in the snow with a 60" backblade but that doesn't carry much snow. thanks and...
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    55" EA Wicked Root Grapple Dolly

    I understand the ability to roll it out of the way, but it's not hard to hook up to just set on the ground with the jaws opened up just a little.
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    Fuel can options

    drill a small hole and add a tire valve stem into said hole. remove the guts of the valve stem, remove valve stem cap. bang instant vent. or be like me lose the cap and no more can collapsing when the weather turns cold
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    my b7100 had over 4k hours on it when I bought it but in high range on the slightest grade would put it flat on its face. until I tweaked the screw on the pump. now she will pull my 4' field cultivators and 5' disk in high range, if they're not buried in crazy deep. i'm not saying that is...
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    hp ? ... torque ... hmm

    torque and horsepower hold hands, and they have a threesome with rpm. unless you compare engines at the same rpm the numbers are nothing more than numbers. the higher torque at lower rpm's will be lost in gearing
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    Dangerous Steep Ditch Bush Hog

    most of my lawn is steeper than that, mowed crossway's, unless the daughter decidedes to stripe it.