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  1. chim

    Compassion shown by 23 month old

    Our situation - about 13 months ago we had an opportunity to be foster parents "for a few months" for a 10 month old baby girl. A lot has happened since then, and there are many details we can't mention. We are now moving to adopt her. This isn't the retirement we pictured, but we wouldn't...
  2. chim

    ID the baseboard heater parts?

    #1 Son is working on a house and needs to get parts for his hot water baseboard heat. He hasn't been able to find any info on the brand. A few supply houses haven't been able to help. Neither has the internet so far. The end caps are about 9-1/2" tall. He needs 1 left end cap, 2 right end...
  3. chim

    Meanwhile, a mile or so downstream from Messick's

    Things can get strange even in our little corner of the world:
  4. chim

    Tires that work for me

    A frequent concern with tire selection is how they treat the yard. We had quite a bit of rain here on Wednesday. A nearby neighbor's rain gauge had 5.6" in it. When I was mowing yesterday afternoon it seemed like a couple photos may be of interest. Two pics are looking down our driveway...
  5. chim

    A/C Noise As The Compressor Kicks Off

    On the l4240 there's a noise when the A/C compressor kicks off. First of all, the cooling functions just like normal. When I mowed today (hot & sunny) it cooled the cab sufficiently with the fan on medium speed. I noticed the noise today when I was out of the cab with the engine idling and...
  6. chim

    Need 8" to 12" wide bucket

    Looking for a narrow pin-on bucket to fit an L48. Prefer 8" but could use anything 12" or narrower. Thank you.
  7. chim

    Need help in Pennsylvania

    With the current freak show characters running the commonwealth, one should expect anything. Here's an example of just how goofy things are getting. What’s next? Maybe I don’t want to know. Pennsylvania will be requiring vendors to utilize 26% “participation” of minority businesses in many...
  8. chim

    Finally did complete service

    A couple months ago I bought the complete filter kit (oil, 2 hydro and air) and almost enough Super UDT2 at Messicks. I was sure there was a part jug of UDT2 in the shed from when I did the L3200 - but was wrong. That meant a quick trip to pick up a 2-1/2 gallon jug of the nectar to top it off...
  9. chim

    Amish Crane, Creek, Big Tree Stump

    Had a large dying tree that grew out of the bank of our creek. Cut most of it down last week and had the trunk to deal with today. That provided a chance to play. Never been real good scampering around trees - and I slowed down a bit after my 70th birthday. Wanting to stay dry meant setting...
  10. chim

    HD Brush Forks

    Reader's Digest version. Had a set of forks made to fit pin on bucket of the L3200 that we sold, so needed another set. This time used a QA frame so they'll fit the L4240 or anything else with QA. Used 48" bale spears, a frame I picked up cheap and scraps I had stashed. Works great. Needs...
  11. chim

    Kubota L3200HST with implements - $19,870

    SOLD Jan 17th Kubota L3200HST with implements - $19,870 2012 Kubota L3200 Hydrostatic, Loader w chain slots, 6' LandPride FDR1672 Rear Mower, 64" Pronovost Puma Snow Blower, Rear Blade, Brush Forks, Tooth Rake for bucket, 524 Hours. Custom (steel and safety glass) cab with heat, LED work...
  12. chim

    L4240HSTC Seat Mod

    After spending a little over 60 hours on this tractor the only thing I wanted to change besides the work lights so far was the angle of the seat bottom. Kubota seems to prefer a forward tilt for the seats. Two previous Kubotae needed addressed almost immediately. This one was less irritating...
  13. chim

    Lighting Revisited

    Past Problems: * ROPS mounted work lights attracted bugs in warm weather and probably because I wear glasses, provided glare year-round. This was true with halogens and LED's. * LED's mounted on the ROPS and cab roof made it difficult to see where the cut / uncut grass met. I'm guessing it has...
  14. chim

    Rebuilt RFM

    Got a "new" lawn mower. Last year there was a 91" Caroni we picked up as a fixer-upper. Finally got it completed. Replaced all the baffles on the underside, blades and a few bearings. Paint is XO-Rust with hardener. Orange is Allis Chalmers Orange. Gray is 50/50 Ford gray and black. Both...
  15. chim

    L3200HST or L4240HSTC - Which turns sharper?

    Although one wouldn't think so, the L4240. I was using it to mow on Monday night and it seemed to turn tighter circles around stuff and was a lot more nimble than expected. The other pleasant surprise is the R4 tires didn't print as much as the R4's on the L3200 or the R1's on the Ford 1210...
  16. chim

    First impression mowing with the L4240

    Both of the Kubotas still had their winter attachments on so I started mowing with the 60" RFM on the little Ford. After doing the neighbor's place and starting on mine, the sun was setting and the wind was getting pretty uncomfortable. Since the project to refurb the 91" Caroni RFM (for the...
  17. chim

    Making the Bucket Better

    Was finally able to spend some time doing the standard mods to the bucket on the new-to-us L4240HSTC. This is the third FEL bucket of mine to receive an angle iron chain slot of some sort and a cutting edge. This cutting edge is more of a wearing edge in case it gets pressed into service for...
  18. chim

    What is this bracket for?

    At the tractor ends of each lift arm, there's a bracket I'm not familiar with. What was it used for? See the orange piece in the faint red diamond. Backhoe perhaps? Thanks
  19. chim

    Just Kicking Tires

    Just in case there's a clean used tractor out there waiting for me to see it. Having a cab with A/C seems more appealing now than it did only 6 years ago when we had the L3200 delivered. The 20,000 BTU heater takes care of winter. Doors lift off for warm weather, and the shade provided by the...
  20. chim

    Fab at Home

    I'm blessed with being able to do pretty much anything in the shops at work, and the guys are more than willing to lend a hand when it's needed. The largest example is when I built my cab there about 5 years ago. Even so, I really do enjoy tinkering at home and have accumulated enough tooling...