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    L2501 grapple hydraulic line management…

    Hey fellas. Good news and bad news! My everything attachments grapple, box scraper, and forks came in today!! Bad news: within the first hour of grapple use, I broke a hydraulic connector due to poor line management and excitement to use the damn thing! My problem occurred when closing grapple...
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    L2501 DIY canopy

    let’s see some DIY canopy pix boys. Weekend warrior here, not trying to pay $650-1000. So far I’m digging the $25 golf cart videos on YouTube, but open to see some creative solutions!! Thanks.
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    Need grease gun - new L2501 owner

    Hey guys. I’m at 10hrs on my L2501. Looking for some advice on grease guns, types of grease, and how many zerks to find on L2501. Thanks y’all.
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    FIRST POST! 60 year member! Need Grapple advice new L2501 owner

    Hey everyone! Just purchased the L2501, delivery next week. Got the 3rd function with purchase and looking for some attachments: forks, grapple, rear weight ballast box, and maybe 3pt hitch with hooks or other features on it. I like the EA Wicked root rake, but I've read on these forums that...