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    Im Going to change the antifreeze in my B2650 I’m a little nervous about the pet cock on the block. And the drain in the radiator. Do both of these seal up pretty good? I’m worried about leaks after I’m done . Any special advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance
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    Rear Blade

    I’m looking for a rear blade for my B2650. My dealer said he can ge one in from another store. RB 1572. $839 RB1672 $1039. Is that about right or is that high. Thanks for the help and advice
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    I’m looking for a rear blade for my B2650. I’ve looked at the LP and Titan. And are confused which one to get. I’m a newbie when. It comes to tractors and attachments
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    3 pt hitch slow to raise

    The 3 pt hitch on my B2650 is slow to raise. When I pull the lever to raise it, it doesn’t start raise till I hit 5 on the indicator. The hydraulic oil is within limits. Is there an adjustment or is something going bad. I don’t have but 120 hrs on it
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    I’m Looking at getting a rear blade for my B2650. Land Pride is $610. I found a Titian for $420. Are Titian a good company?
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    One of my rear tire looks low. They are loaded from the deal. I’m a newbie with tractors and have posted lots. Trying to learn as much as I can and I have learned lots from OTT. My question is how do I check the air I’m loaded tires and how much air should be in them........... thanks for all...
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    What size tractor?

    I’ve got a B2650. I’m looking at buying 50 acres. It has trails some open but mostly wooded. Would my B2650 do the job or would I need to upgrade.......... thanks in advance
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    Leaking hydraulic fluid

    I just took off my grappler and put my bucket back in. I put the dust caps on the end of the hydraulic lines. Yesterday I noticed a puddle of hydraulic fluid under the fitting. I relieved all the pressure before I took them off my tractor. It is stored inside a shed. With it being warm in Va...
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    3point hitch/ BH issues

    I have a B2650 with a BH 77 backhoe. A while back I post I was having problems with my 3 PH raising. I cleaned the quick connects and everything started working. It was slow but it works. Seemed to be delayed a few seconds. Today I was using the BH and could only do one function at a time with...
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    Coolant flush

    I’m a new tractor owner. I have a B2650. Love the tractor. Has saved me lots of backaches. It’s time for me to flush and replace the coolant. I see in the owner’s manual of a pet cock on the engine block. I’m afraid if I open it it won’t close and leak or it will break off. Could some one...
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    3 point hitch won’t move

    I’ve got a B2650 with 110 hrs. I started it yesterday and let it warm up until 1 bar showed on the temp screen. When I went to raise the 3 point hitch it wouldn’t move the FEL moved fine. The hydraulic fluid was at the right level on the dip stick. I checked all my fluids before I started it...
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    Can I use Zerx G-05 in my B2650