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    Set up stabilizers for bush hogging

    When bushogging, should I set my telescoping stabilizers so there is no play or should I put it in the notch that allows a little movement. I’ve never had telescoping stabilizers before. My tractor is an l4701 thanks in advance.
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    Front tire width set up

    Woth R1 tires Is it safe to swap sides with my front tires so that a wider stance is achieved or will that mess up the front end. I would keep the tread in the right direction by switching sides but the wheel disc would be mounted to get the wider stance.
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    Bolt on bucket chain hooks

    are bolt on bucket hooks reliable and also does drilling then weeken the bucket in any way? I don’t have or know how to weld and id rather not go to the trouble of finding a welding shop thanks In advance
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    Setting up R1 width

    I just got the call from the dealer that the R1 tires have come in for my L4701. i have been reviewing the manual for how to widen them on the rim but find it confusing. right now I have r4 on it and I would like to mirror that width with the R1. Which setting on the r1 rims mirrors that. I...
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    How many gallons of ballast

    Hello, how many gallons of ballast does it take to get the following tire sizes ballast to 75% 14.9-24 17.5-24
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    Rotary mower size

    I’m interested in opinions on minimum hp to run an 84” rotary cutter. I recently purchased an l4701 up from an l3000 dt. I ran a 60” on the 3000. I see some Kubota packages putting a 72” with the l4701 but wondering if I can go 84” without problems. I’ll be mowing around 40 acres of crp per...
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    R1 tire availability

    Hello- I recently purchased an L4701. I wanted ag tires but it had R4’s on it. The dealer told me that there was a problem between Kubota and their R1 ag tire supplier and the tires currently available rubbed the fenders and that as soon as the problem was resolved they would call me and swap...
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    3-point implement hook up problems

    Hello- here is my second I’m new to this tractor question On my l4701 it seems like my sway bars will barely open wide enough to get around the pins in my 60” tiller and 60” bush hog. I do have the pins all the way out so the sway bars will sway freely. Is there another trick or do the lift...
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    New 4701 pto kicking out

    Hello- I am the new owner of an l4701 gear drive. Coming from an older l3000dt I’m sure I’ll run into several questions and appreciate all help in advance this evening using my bushog for the first time I found that after working for a while if I’d stop to move or maneuver the tractor for some...
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    Help on changing sizes

    I am considering trying to beef up my l3000 dt a little by adding an FEL and larger tires. It came with 7-16 fronts and 11.2x24 rear. I am thinking about going to a 13.6x24 rear. (All ag) and maybe an 8-16 front. I assume that ratio of the 13.6x24 and the 8-16 will work because that was on...
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    Trying to figure out how much to ask for my tractor

    Hello, I have a 2001 L3000DT It’s 4wd. Manual gear transmission. No loader. 502hrs. It’s in good cosmetic condition and everything works and runs good. I have been searching for points of reference but am having a hard time figuring out what to sell if for. Also I might just trade but not...
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    Problems with preassure and ballasted tires

    I know there is a similar thread recently but I have some additional questions and did not want to hijack that thread- I need some help understanding tire ballast and air preassure and how to apply that. I have a Kubota l3000dt with the front and rear tires ballasted. The manual calls for...
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    3 Point hitch stabilizers keep bending

    Hello, I may not be using the proper part names- but I will do my best to describe the issue I am having- I have a 2001 L3000DT tractor and I am finding that I go through at least 1 set of the threaded turnbuckle stabilizers that you tighten to control sway on the 3 point hitch arms. I do...