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    L3010D Christmas sale advice!?

    Hey guys, I have a chance to get a 2000ish l3010, 4x4, HST, 72"belly mower, 1200 hours for 8,000. I haven't seen much information regarding this tractor. Is that a good price? What should I offer? Its in excellent shape. Zero rust, stored in heated barn.
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    Comparison between B6000 and B6100 (video)

    Hey guys, I just upgraded to a b6100. I loved the b6000 but the lack of dealer support and CCW PTO made it nearly impossible to find implements. Here's a video of the new tractor
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    Removing front PTO???

    Hey guys. I just bought a Kubota b6100 and would like to completely remove the front PTO. It does not work, that is why I want to remove it. Do I need any special tools or can I just unbolt and disconnect it? Thanks for the help
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    Kubota B6000 zl600 engine swap

    Hey guys I have another question for ya regarding my b6000. I have been told by a few other people on the site that I could do an engine swap to gain more power on my B6000. I have searched the site but haven't been able to find any credible information regarding the swap. I understand I could...
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    B6000 or B6100 POWER TEST

    Hey guys! I need your opinion on the B6000 vs B6100 debate. I have been told that the B6100 is a "bigger" more powerful machine than the b6000. It wins in any competition... Is this true? I feel that the 2 cylinder 6000 is a better running diesel engine than the 6100. How much bigger size wise...
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    Dumb Question! Ag tire related

    I am looking at purchasing a b7100. It comes with turf tires on it. Is the rim size for turf tires and AG tires the same? or would I need to purchase both tires and rims if I want AGs?
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    Need help! B6200 or B7100

    I located 2 nice tractor: B6200: MMM, With hydraulic front plow, AG tires, 820 hours asking 4500 B7100: MMM, with front snow blower, Turf tires, 915 hours asking 3900. I need a tractor to mow with and also pull trees out of a very wet area. I can get a nice deal on AG's for the 7100. Do you...
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    Pulling down a huge stump with mini tractor... Video*

    Hey guys check it out. A badass B6000 pulling down a nice size stump!
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    Decisions Decisions... B6000 or B6100

    Okay guys. I have another question and i am needing some advice. I currently own a B6000 it is in very nice shape but needs a few new parts (Including new Rice tires:) ). I am thinking about selling it so I can get a B6100 instead. I live in the US so finding B6000-compatible implements is...
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    B6000 More Power?

    Hey guys, this may be a dumb question but I was wondering if there is any way to squeeze out a few more HP out of the B6000. I was looking a b6100 and noticed it's .5-1 HP more than the b6000. Is it worth even trying?
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    B6000 parts??

    Looking for b6000 parts. Any suggestion??
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    I just recently purchased a B6000 in "good" shape. I wanted to know where everyone goes for parts? I've been searching the site for a while now but come up empty handed. How difficult would it be to get a clutch or other misc parts?
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    WTB b6000 or b7000 fenders

    Just picked up a b6000. I'm looking for rear fenders.
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    Help! Off road logging tractor?

    Hello all - I need some advice. I live on a 25 acre farm with the majority of the acreage being swamp/wetlands. I am in search of a small Kubota tractor (b6000, b6100, or b7100) that is powerful enough to pull out small logs while still being small enough, and light enough, to navigate through...
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    Help! White smoke

    I recently purchased a 88' B7200 with 335 hours at an estate sale. The tractor was meticulous maintained by a mechanic. When I cold start the tractor it will puff out white smoke for approximately 5 seconds then will go away. Could this be a blown head gasket?? I have a video but I can't figure...