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    Kubota Orange Paint

    I need Kubota orange paint for my snow plow. What have other used that has lasted? thanks , Bill
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    LB400 Shop Manual

    I am rebuilding the bucket cylinders on my 2000 LB400 loader and can't find a shop manual for this unit. I was hoping to find an easier way to install the hard seal on the outside of the pistons, or a special tool. The last time I heated the seal in boiling water and lubed the piston with...
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    LB400 Front Loader Parts Manual

    Where can I find a parts diagram, parts manual, or shop manual for a Kubota LB400 front loader? Is there such an animal? I checked this site, the Kubota site, Messicks, and several others with no luck. Thanks, Bill
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    picking up pine needles

    I need some ideas or pictures of forks etc to attach to my FEL so that I can pick up/load pine needles. I built a rake to collect and pile the needles, but I have to load them into the FEL with a manure fork. Any and all ideas are greatly appriciated! Thanks, Bill
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    Alternator output amps?

    I have a 2000 L2500DT to which I have adapted a 7.5' Meyer snowplow. I need snowplow lights for the front and a work light for the back, but do not want to overload the alternator. I have checked the owners manual, shop manual, parts manual, the local Kubota dealer, and two Denso suppliers; with...