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  1. Iguide

    Looking for a Leaf Blower

    Looking for a 3 PTO CAT 1 leaf blower for my L3800 Thank You.
  2. Iguide

    Nokian Tractor Tires

    Anyone have any idea where you can purchase Nokian Tractor Tires for forestry & construction in the USA?? Like their Ground King or Tractor King tires. Has anyone ever used Nokian Tractor Tires on a Kubota tractor? Thanks Iguide
  3. Iguide

    Thoughts on Grand L6060.

    Are they worth that price and what are you looking at for price?
  4. Iguide

    Category 1 quick hitch top link

    Would anyone know where it is possible to get a Category 1 quick hitch top link similar to a Pat's quick hitch just for the top link. Such as found here at Bare Co. Thank You
  5. Iguide

    Parts Diagrams L 3800

    After looking on the Kubota Illustrated Parts List on the Kubota web site I could not find one of the L 3800 or L 3200. If it is there I must be blind. Has anyone found the parts diagrams for the L 3800 there, and if not where can I get a complete Illustrated Parts List/Diagram? I broke...