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  1. WhitleyStu

    Maybe a new BX2380 ?

    We bought a new BX2230 in 2005 to manage our 3 acres and it served us well until 2020 when I decided my back and neck deserved a better ride. Last fall we bought a new B2601 and I wish I had bought one sooner. The 2601 does all our chores a little easier and the ride is a great step up in comfort.
  2. WhitleyStu

    Pressure washing tractor? I keep the deck on the dolly when not mowing. Hate to have the deck on when spraying, fertilizing, or using FEL.
  3. WhitleyStu

    Pressure washing tractor?

    I soap our B2601 with a foam cannon on the pressure washer. It loosens up the the mud then a water rinse followed with air hose and done. Do the same for the mower deck at the end of the season.
  4. WhitleyStu

    Bucket or plow for snow

    We've got a blower on the back of our B2601 and the FEL bucket up front. The problen with pushing snow up in piles is that when it snows again the wind leaves drifts form from the piles of snow. I like to use the snowblower as much as possible and use the FEL bucket for cleaning around the...
  5. WhitleyStu

    Tinted our Kubota's

    warrencrew What % tint did you use on yor tractor windows? We bought a new Ram Monday and went with 30%...
  6. WhitleyStu

    R14T hybrid tires

    last year we bought a new B2601 with R14s to replace a BX with R1 tires. We use the tractor to move snow, mow three acres and do various chores. The R14 tires do no danage to the turf compare to the R1 and have just as good of traction on snow/ice when using the rear mounted snow blower and...
  7. WhitleyStu

    MMM usage

    I only put the MMM on our 2601 when time to mow the 3.5 acre yard. Takes about 2-3 minutes to hang the deck on the tractor. I just turn the front scalp wheels 90° and the deck rolls out or back under easily. The cut is great, better than the ZT BossXL CountryClipper we had. I hate having...
  8. WhitleyStu

    Landpride tiller or tsc

    We bought a new King Kutter for our 1/4 acre garden in 2005. It worked without any problems for ten years till we decied to stop gardening. I kept it pressure washed and lubed after each use. If we were to garden again I uould probably get another King Kutter.
  9. WhitleyStu

    Battery Stone Dead

    Time to get out the VOM and check the system....
  10. WhitleyStu

    How long will 0% financing last?

    When I bought my first Kubota BX in 2005 I received the 0% financing just as we did last year for our new Kubota B2601. Has Kubota ever not offered 0% financing?
  11. WhitleyStu

    Home Generator

    I have 10' of Coleman Cable 4-4 SEOW 600V P-241-3-MSHA coming out of the transfer switch with a NEMA 14-60P 60A plug on it to plug into the generator's receptacle. My generator is a 13,500 watt.
  12. WhitleyStu

    Rear mount snowblowers

    I bought a Meteor from my Kubota dealer and have had good service from this blower for nearly ten years. A bigger LandPride is tempting, but hate to let the Meteor go as long as it is doing a good job.
  13. WhitleyStu

    Overgrown with grass

    Those weeds are really coming on now. I've been having some progress with Drive XLR8 Herbicide Crabgrass Killer under my chain link fence where I spray Killzall in the sprig so I don't have to weed eat under the fence. Drive XLR8 is my new favorite herbicide. It takes a couple applications...
  14. WhitleyStu

    Filter Wrench Choices

    I have the good fortune of having a great Matco Tool guy/truck that lives down the road from us. He sold me a filter wrench with small rectangles of brazing on the inside of the wrench's metal band. Really gives good grip on the filter.
  15. WhitleyStu

    FIMCO 40 gallon 3 point sprayer...

    Looking to replace my CountyLine 40 gal. 5-Nozzle Trailer Sprayer (5302940) with a Read a few reviews where it was mentioned that some tanks developed leaks/cracks after a year, but Fimco sent a...
  16. WhitleyStu

    Mower deck on B2601

    Some times you get lucky and can just swing the adjustment fixture forward or backward without removing it from the lift arm. Other times it's just easier removing it from the arm then making the height adjustment.
  17. WhitleyStu

    I'm this old ...

    I was a kid in the mid 50s & early 60s. Dad never had a spout at home like the gas station did, but he always had an old worn out can opener in his tool box to open the oil cans at home along with a funnel. When I was about 15 got my first job at a gas station. I bought my dad a real spout...
  18. WhitleyStu

    Mower deck on B2601

    Lakebuster You have it exactly correct. I noticed that each time I put the deck on it is a little off from the last deck install, but not that much. The right and left blade tips vary 1/8" to 1/4" of an inch in height so not really able to notice the difference in the cut.
  19. WhitleyStu

    Wax/No wax

    I use the regular Griot's SPRAY-ON-WAX. Easy on, easy off.
  20. WhitleyStu

    Which tires should I order on my B2601

    We mowed, sprayed, fertilized and did various yard chores last summer with our B2601 without any turf damage from the R14s in both wet and dry weather. I was impressed with the traction this past winter while snow blowing with rear mounted blower and pushing snow with FEL bucket. I had asked...